The research numbers presented by the scientific director Vincenzo Denaro

di Paola Raschielli

Sixty-four research projects presented in response to national and international competitive calls, of which 22 were admitted to funding and a success rate of 34%.
Two hundred and ten interventional/observational clinical studies evaluated by the Ethics Committee, of which 57 (27%) profit and 153 (73%) non-profit, for a total of 45 Research Units involved. These, in summary, are the data relating to the research activity of the Fondazione Policlinico Universitario Campus Bio-Medico one year after its launch sanctioned on 1 January 2022 with the assumption of the operational management of the healthcare facility which since 1994 was the responsibility of 'Università Campus Bio-Medico di Roma.

An activity that engages the Campus Bio-Medico University Hospital in the path towards accreditation as a Scientific Institute for Hospitalization and Care (IRCSS) which can hopefully be achieved in 2025.

Regenerative medicine, medical genetics, artificial intelligence, wearable systems and robotics, digital health, movement analysis and biomedical instrumentation are the strategic lines of research already launched by the Fondazione Policlinico Universitario Campus Bio-Medico.
“In the field of regenerative medicine, a project is underway for the regeneration of the cartilage of large joints using irisin, a hormone produced by the muscles which could represent the solution for the treatment of arthrosis in subjects in good health but with joint problems disabling – explained the prof. Vincenzo Denaro, Scientific Director of the Policlinico Foundation (in the circle) –

Robotic surgery and artificial intelligence will also be strategic for the future of medicine, areas that we are already developing with a view to improving the diagnostic and therapeutic approach".

In particular, in the research field of healthcare 4.0 and robotics, the Policlinico Foundation is active with the Fit4Medical Robotics project in synergy with the Campus Bio-Medico University and other national bodies.

It also participates in the INF-ACT partnership financed by the PNRR on emerging infectious diseases and is involved in the project financed by the Ministry of Health for the establishment of a hub on advanced therapies for the development, validation and production of advanced therapy medicinal products (ATMPs) , the last frontier of personalized and precision medicine.

By 2023, a dedicated Research Clinic will be created to carry out clinical and translational research projects that can bring innovative solutions to the patient's bedside.