The challenge for first year students IngIntelligent Systems engineering

1 June 2021 - The Master's Degree Course in IngIntelligent Systems EngineeringUniversità Campus Bio-Medico di Roma responds to the growing demand from the world of work for new professional figures specialized in technical-scientific disciplines who know how to govern the digital transformation of industrial processes and manage the progress of interaction processes between people and IT or computerizable systems. IT skills are therefore necessary together with those relevant to production and services. In addition to statistics, mathematical optimization, artificial intelligence and BigData analysis, the teaching "Innovation and Digital Transformation", or the knowledge of the impact that these two processes have on business models and the corporate world. 

To hold the course is the dr. Francesco Cappa, researcher of IngManagement engineering atUniversità Campus Bio-Medico di Roma. In the course, alongside theoretical lessons and case studies regarding topics relating to innovation, open innovation, Big Data, Crowdsourceing, Citizen Science, Crowdfunding, Blockchain and intellectual property protection tools, the students had the opportunity to personally develop an innovative project. Together with dr. Donato Cappetta of the Eustema company one was launched call to students for the creation of new innovative projects that had the active involvement of citizens as their guiding principle. This opportunity stimulated the creative and entrepreneurial vein of the students: they were asked to design an innovative idea, getting involved in the development and following the Canvas business model, through the creation of a prototype. During the months of the course, the students refined the initial idea by following the phases of trials and errors, working in groups and applying in a practical way everything they had learned during the lessons. The work led to the creation of a startup pitch-style presentation and allowed two groups to participate in the call Startcup Lazio, of which they have currently passed the first selection phase. 

At the end of the course the projects were presented and the winner was named in the presence of the prof. Giulio Iannello, Dean of the Departmental Faculty of Ingengineering, by Dr. Francesco Cappa and two representatives of Eustema. Winning the challenge was project Smartpharma by Francesca Ronci and Gaia Virginia Dobici, a Casal medicinal inventory management systemingor reordering medications when necessary.