Il 24th April it was an important day for the Bio-Medico Campus of Rome. Guests of Rome capital city, was presented in the Capitol on development plan to 2045Social Green Masterplan it is the vision of the future: a modern one city-park open, interconnected and multifunctional, dedicated to training, research, care and assistance, 90 hectares at the service of families, the community and the territory, a development opportunity with a view to One Health, which puts health and well-being at the center in an integrated logic and aims to respond to people's needs throughout their lives.

Roberto Gualtieri, Mayor of Rome, commented on the urban regeneration program as follows: "As an Administration we accompany this plan with great interest, consistent with the idea of ​​sustainable development and openness to the territory that we are promoting in all neighborhoods and with an idea of ​​development of Rome, increasingly a city of science and innovation".

"The collaboration with the Municipality is positive, which has supported and continues to support the vision of our Social Green Masterplan with a One Health perspective, with the aim of training more students, researchers from all over the world, in an innovative and sustainable university campus , with campus life facilities. Now we look to the future, to the next thirty years" - has ofchiarato Carlo Tosti, President Università Campus Bio-Medico di Roma and Fondazione Policlinico Campus Bio-Medico.

They spoke together with the Mayor and the President UCBM, Maurice Veloccia, Councilor for Urban Planning of Rome Capital, Tweety Di SalvoPresident Municipality of Rome IX EUR, e Dominic Mastrolitto, General Manager Campus Bio-Medico Spa. 

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The One Health Masterplan presented in the Capitol