Good morning everyone, I join in welcoming our president, theing. Carlo Tosti, RESPONSIVEingration the Minister of Health prof. Orazio Schillaci for his words that encourage us.

As we said, today is a special inauguration for us characterized by the first honorary degree in Medicine and Surgery awarded to Samuel Modiano, witness to the Shoah who ringWe thank you for this gift of your presence, Samuel is truly a gift, thank you.

Thirty years ago our University was born in via Longoni with very few students, teachers and technical-administrative staff. We want to always continue to look ahead without forgetting what we leave behind, we want to continue to learn from stumbles in order to run faster.

The University System as a whole is currently experiencing a particular period, which has seen an important and impressive acceleration in the use of technologies in the post-pandemic period, an explosion of artificial intelligence, with application to increasingly vast and numerous fields. Thus, great interest has also arisen in the so-called "education market" and many investors have emerged.

Compared to this scenario, our University wants to have an innovative approach but also firmly anchored to strong values, to our founding values ​​which do not expire, but which mature over time and become increasingly valuable. As the Nobel Prize winner in economics Edmund Phelps says "there is no innovation without creativity but there is no creativity without values". In a world governed by technology and automation, we want to continue to put the person, their intelligence and their dignity at the centre. 

Our guiding star has been comprehensive training for 3 years, our president told us before, with a multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary approach that makes the difference in the world of work and also in life. In this context, we want to give a solid approach to young people, we want to make them "learn to learn", because with the changes in this fundamental context it is giving them the tools to face the future. A training supported by personal tutoring services, professional tutoring, by a close relationship between teachers and students, teachers who we always want to accompany on their path so that they increasingly become Masters. In this way we think of playing our role in society by providing a fundamental public service for young people, which differs greatly from a "business" logic and which must distinguishingue universities from other realities that see training as a market.

Our victories are not measured in euros but in names and faces:

like those of Simone, Francesca, Guglielmo, Virginia, Antonio, Martina and Matteo, who after winning the National hackaton organized by Synlab with the Y-Doc project to support chronic patients and caregivers, flew to Barcelona with 23 other nationalities to represent Italy and to represent theUniversità Campus Bio-Medico di Roma.

like the face of Giampietro Stella who won the Silvia Bianchi award for volunteering yesterday;

like the face of Brunello Cucinelli to whom we awarded the Navarro Valls prize for benevolence; 

And we have many of these examples, many silent ones who work every day on Campus. Names, faces, people who animate this reality every day, learning and teaching at the same time, sometimes making mistakes and giving an example at other times, but always putting their professionalism and passion at the service of others.

Society has an immense need for this, young people, the elderly, families, businesses need motivated students, authoritative teachers, curious researchers, competent technicians and administrators. The University System represents the most powerful weapon that our country has to overcome the challenges of tomorrow. In order to build a ruling class that is worthy of our future.

The Chief of Staff Marcella Panucci knows this well, as does all the Ministry staff with whom we are working in great harmony to resolve the many open issues, with an approach that is pragmatic and allows us to give a boost to the country, rethinking the great theme of the right to education, seizing the opportunities of the PNRR, supporting research, internationalization and much more. 

In the last inauguration of the academic year we talked about the 2045 Masterplan and the work in progress for the Cu.Bo building. On September 25th, thousands of students animated Cu.Bo with the first lesson of this academic year. We are now building the Simulation Center, new research laboratories, we are carrying out new international collaborations, also developing an impressive training plan for students, staff and teachers. We want to all look together in the same direction. I would like ringsupport all the people who work every day on the Campus, in the Campus system, and all the connected bodies. I ask you for applause for them.  

I therefore conclude by wishing our University best wishes, ringthanking everyone for his presence and remembering a phrase by Rita Levi Montalcini: "The absolute evil of our time is not believing in values. Young people must believe in something positive and life deserves to be lived only if we believe in values, because these remain even after our death."

Thank you.  

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