Italy with 115 researchers enters the Clarivate top ten, the ranking of the most cited scholars in the world. There are approximately 7 thousand researchers who joined the ranking in 2023 and, among the sectors in which they are active, clinical research in medicine comes first, with 477 researchers, followed by Biology with 282 and Chemistry with 254.

In total they are 67 countries are included in the ranking, which is based mainly on the researchers' academic documentation, but they are barely 10 are those in which 83,8% of the most cited scholars work and United States continue to have the highest concentration:

  1. United States with 2.669 (37,5%);
  2. China with 1.275 researchers (17,9%);
  3. United Kingdom with 574 researchers (8,1%);
  4. Germany (336);
  5. Australia (321);
  6. Canada (218);
  7. Netherlands (195);
  8. France (139);
  9. Hong Kong (120);
  10. Italy (115).

The ranking of Italian researchers sees the most cited concentrated in the University of Milan and the University of Trento and those of Turin and the Vita e Salute University of San Raffaele in Milan, each with 6 researchers. They are also mentioned in the ranking theepidemiologist Massimo Ciccozzi of the Campus Bio Medico University of Rome, Giuseppe Remuzzi of the Mario Negri Institute, the immunologist Matteo Bassetti of the University of Genoa, the Neuroscience expert Maurizio Corbetta of the University of Padua, Franco Locatelli of the Bambino Gesù pediatric hospital in Rome, Alberto Zangrillo of the Vita e Salute University -Saint Raphael.