Following and continuation of the national Info days on the 2024 tenders organized last October, APRE - in agreement with the MUR - organizes the national Info day for the launch of the Work Program European Research Council (ERC) 2025. The event will take place, online, Monday June 10or from 10: 00 to 13: 00.

Also participating in the event will be Angela Liberatore, Head of Scientific Department of the European Research Council Executive Agency (ERCEA) and Giovanni Sartor, member of the ERC Scientific Council. Both will present the innovations envisaged in the new ERC Work Program for the 2025 calls and the reasons that led the Scientific Council to decide on these changes. The event will conclude with a debate on how to make Italy an increasingly attractive country for researchers submitting project proposals in the ERC programme.

Participation in the Italian Info day is open - upon registration - to all people interested in the new 2025 work program dedicated to the European Research Council.