It was held yesterday, Thursday 6 June, atUniversità Campus Bio-Medico di Roma the award ceremony "Prize Davide DeLuca" dedicated to best Master's paper in Homeland Security, with the interventions of Prefect of Rome Lamberto Giannini and dell 'Councilor for Security Policies, Productive Activities and Equal Opportunities, Monica Lucarelli. The award represents the final moment of the journey of professionals trained in "Master in Homeland Security" - now in its sixteenth edition - and pays homage to a man who dedicated his life to the strategic analysis of internal and international threats to the security of our country.

The event opened with the President's greeting UCBM Carlo Tosti, who underlined the importance of the exemplary figure of Davide De Luca and the Association, founded in 2015 in his memory, which today continues to spread the culture of security by promoting interdisciplinary study and research in the field of intelligence. "I have alwaysUniversità Campus Bio-Medico di Roma has also focused its mission on security issues. - has ofchiarato the President Tosti - In particular, working on cybersecurity, robotics and artificial intelligence contributes to defining all those prevention, but also operational, tools that can help deal with the crises that put our society at risk".

Training experts in cybersecurity is crucial to protecting our critical infrastructure. 'L'Università Campus Bio-Medico di Roma has activated a Master's Degree Course in IngIntelligent Systems engineering, with an integrated and multidisciplinary approach to face the technological challenges of the future" explained the teacher. Roberto Setola, Professor of Automatica and Scientific Director of the Master in Homeland Security UCBM.

"There can be no innovation without skills and this is even more true in the security sector where skills must be technical but also transversal". These are the words of the Councilor for Security Policies, Productive Activities and Equal Opportunities, Monica Lucarelli, who spoke on behalf of the Mayor of Rome, Roberto Gualtieri. Councilor Lucarelli highlighted the importance of developing and strengthening skills in the field of urban security, emphasizing the need for continuous training and close collaboration between all parties involved.

The heart of the day was the Lectio Magistralis of the Prefect of Rome, Lambert Giannini, in which he highlighted how safety is a shared and multifactorial responsibility. "Cooperation between law enforcement and the community is essential to address contemporary security challenges. Only through a joint effort can we ensure a safe and secure environment for all" Giannini said. The Prefect also shared concrete experiences of collaboration between public and private bodies, underlining the effectiveness of such partnerships.

Gianni Letta, President of the Association Davide De Luca highlighted the importance of spreading the culture of security and interdisciplinary scientific research in the field of intelligence. "Security culture and research are fundamental pillars to face new threats. We must continue to invest in training and research to guarantee a safe future for the next generations" he has declared. Her speech also touched on the need for greater public awareness regarding safety issues.

During the event, the best theses of the Master in Homeland Security were awarded, in particular:

  • Giacomo Perrina, with a thesis entitled "The supposed "deviation" of information and security services in Italy between 1947 and 1974", winner of the Award.
  • Luca Battistella, with a thesis entitled "The relationship between public and private: partnership, coordination structures and desirable scenarios", special mention.
  • Elena Maria Immacolata Bitonti, with a thesis entitled "Major events: potential and vulnerability. Risks of corruption and organized crime, the repercussions on security", special mention.

In conclusion he also intervened Edward DeLuca: "Rewarding and supporting the work of young professionals who are committed to investigating such important issues for the country is one of the objectives of our Association".

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