Students win P&G Computer Vision Award

11 April 2022 - The students of the Master's Degree Course in IngIntelligent Systems engineering dell 'Università Campus Bio-Medico di Roma they participated in the Computer Vision Challenge organized in collaboration with the Procter & Gamble, one of the largest consumer goods companies in the world, always a leader in innovation and at the forefront of driving change with a positive impact on the planet. On Thursday 31 March the winning students received the correspondent Procter & Gamble Computer Vision Award twigs dr. Raphael Scoccianti, R&D Open Innovation Director of the company. 

During the competition, which was held within the course of Computer Vision (I semester of the II year of the CdLM), the students faced in small groups a industrial vision recognition task provided by Procter & Gamble using the Artificial Intelligence techniques presented during the specific course and, more generally, using the skills acquired in the course of study. In particular, the task asked to recognize from a picture which dishes were still dirty after the automatic washing process in the dishwasher. 

At the end of February, the students then took part in a final pitch to present their technical solution, the performance of which was evaluated on a set of images not known a priori, and the group that created the best solution was awarded a certificate of recognition and a small prize in denaro. 

"We are very satisfied with the experience for the students, who were able to grapple with a real industrial problem in an unstructured environment, characterized by great variability of numerous parameters, including lighting, pose, and occlusions. - said theing. Ermanno Cordelli, L 'ing. Rosa Sicilia and achievement teacher. Paolo Soda, professors in charge of the course The students, also as reported by Dr. Annoying, they also presented in lingua ingexamined the different solutions proposed with great appropriateness, achieving, among other things, very encouraging performances. This experience strengthens the bond between the CdLM and companies, underlining how the course of study responds to the growing demand from the world of work for new professional figures such as the Data Architect, the Data Engineer, the Data Analyst, the Data Scientist, with particular attention to systems in which data plays a crucial role in offering innovative functionality, even in companies where the role of Information Technology may seem secondary to the general public."