The new project of the Dietetic Service has been completed and active since these days

16 October 2015 - Also the two restaurant rooms of theUniversità Campus Bio-Medico di Roma embrace new technologies, involving their customers in a food education project promoted by Dietetic Service of the University, In collaboration with the Master's Degree Course in Food Sciences. The objective is clear: to provide additional services regarding the dietary aspect of the meal to all those who dine at the two Ristocampuses located within the Campus Bio-Medico University Hospital and the Advanced Research Center in Biomedicine and Bioingengineering (PRABB).

In fact, it is in these two rooms that, starting from Thursday 15 October, it is possible to view the menu of the day on new monitors, but not only: again through the same support, the Dietary Service recommends the menu to students, staff and patients' relatives more correct from a nutritional point of view, offering a selection of dishes of the day. The calories and nutrients of the dishes offered by the restaurant are analyzed and selected by a dietician, and alongside the recommended menu there is also useful information regarding correct eating habits and the most suitable behaviors for a healthy lifestyle.

THEUniversità Campus Bio-Medico di Roma is not new to projects of this type. In fact, the project already began in 2012 “Stop to eat!”, also promoted by the Dietetic Service in collaboration with the Degree Course in Food Science and Human Nutrition, provided for the composition, through the combination of the dishes proposed by the chefs, of three menus: the first low-calorie and marked with the color green, the second normocaloric and highlighted in yellow and the third finally hypercaloric and marked by red. A food "traffic light" that highlighted different caloric bands to make the choice of meal more aware day after day, given the close relationship between nutrition and health.

Instead, it was launched last year among the students of the Faculty of Ingengineering competition “Make your own health app”, won by the student Livia Santucci and materialized in putting the page online, accessible from smartphones, PCs and tablets. Thanks to the collaboration of Flaminia De Stefanis, student of the Master's Degree in Food Sciences, and of catering company, it is now possible to access the Ristocampus page to discover the daily menu of the day, complete with nutritional values, ingredients and allergens.