L'Università Campus Bio-Medico di Roma on Wednesday 20 September awarded the prize to Rebecca Russo, with his thesis of Degree in Food Sciences and Human Nutrition "Water safety and prevention methods in the field: a case study in Tanzania". The award was presented to Mrs. Elena Pucci in the presence of their children Emanuele and Nicoletta.

The Rotary Club award was born from the will of Pucci family to leave a permanent memory of their beloved Luciano. Luciano Pucci, founder and President of the Teleskill Society and of the Rotary Club of Rome Leonardo Da Vinci, died on 27 May 2017. His wife Elena, with their children Emanuele and Nicoletta, left the Rotary Club of Rome Leonardo Da Vinci a permanent donation so that it could be committed to helping the young scholars who are not Rotarians and not relatives of Rotarians. L'ing. Francesco Geri, Director of the Civil Protection Department and Rotarian, together with prof Marcella Trombetta, Dean of the Departmental Faculty of Sciences and Technologies for Sustainable Development and One Health UCBM, suggest to the Pucci Family the topic of the environment and/or civil protection, a topic that fully responds to the commitments of the 46.000 Rotary International Clubs that see the promoting peace, fighting disease, providing water and sanitation, protecting mothers and children, supporting education, developing local economies and protecting the environment.