Series of seminars on Development Cooperation and Global Health

27 April 2021 - Thursday 29 April 2021 the Committee University Cooperation for Development and Volunteering (CUSV) presents the seminar "The world turned upside down", part of the cycle of seminars on Development Cooperation and Global Health entitled "All roads start from Rome"

The event will take place in presence at 06:00 pm in room R1 of the PRABB but it can also be followed online. For more information write to [email protected] .

Guest of the seminar will be Father Giulio Albanese, Comboni missionary, writer and journalist.
Born in Rome on March 12, 1959, Father Giulio Albanese lived several years in Africa where he chose to dedicate his life to the dual journalistic and missionary activity. For some years he was director of the "New People Media Centre" and two newspapers on African current affairs in lingua inginjured ("New People Feature Service" and achievement "New People. Magazine") while in 1997 he founded MISNA, Missionary Service News Agency, an online news agency in three languagesingeu. In 2003 the president Carlo Azeglio Ciampi awarded Father Giulio with the title of Grand Officer of the Italian Republic for journalistic merits in the southern hemisphere.

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