For merits achieved in the field of security and intelligence

On the occasion of the XVI edition of the Master in Homeland Security UCBM Academy, the General Commander of the Port Authority Corps - Coast Guard Admiral Nicola Carlone received the “Sine Cura” award awarded for merits achieved in the field of security and intelligence. The President of theUniversità Campus Bio-Medico di Roma Ing. Carlo Tosti, in the presence of the Chief of Staff of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport, Alfredo Storto.

The Sine Cura award is awarded every year by our University to a personality who has particularly distinguished himself, in the past year, in the dissemination of security issues. The word "safety" finds its roots in the Latin expression "sine cura", which means the condition whereby people do not have to worry about their safety, since there are others who take care of it for them. In sixteen years of activity the Masters in Homeland Security UCBM Academy, the first in Italy in these subjects, has trained and put into work over 400 professional figures of high value today active in the most important Italian industrial companies, where they guarantee the safety of the infrastructures and the continuity of services. 

All projects master class held by the Commander General Carlone the Rector Prof. spoke. Eugenio Guglielmelli, the professor. Roberto Setola, Scientific Director of the Master and Professor Marcella Trombetta scientific coordinator of the master's degree and dean of the Faculty of Sciences and Technologies for Sustainable Development and One Health, as well as a representation of students. 

“I am truly honored by this recognition which, through me, rewards the daily work of 11.000 women and men who passionately dedicate themselves every day to ensuring safety at sea, in ports and along the coasts – said theAdmiral Carlone commenting on his award ceremony - The maritime sector represents a fundamental piece for the global economy and consequently maritime security takes on a very high strategic value for each country and for its interests in the economy, environment and global security. Exploring these themes in the context of high-profile educational moments, such as the Master's that starts today, means allowing the young generations to look at the present and aim at the future from a modern and innovative perspective that aims at concrete development of the system Village."

“Today we are pleased to present the “Sine Cura” award to the Admiral Carloand, symbolically, to the Coast Guard, one of the pillars of national security – has ofchiarato the President Ing. Carlo Tosti - With almost eight thousand kilometers of coastline, our country is particularly exposed to natural and anthropic risks and complex phenomena such as migration. The constant presence of a public force at sea and on the coasts represents an element of peace and security and an added value for the entire Italian system. Our Master in Homeland Security has offered a complete overview of the world of security and civil defense for sixteen years and gives professionals from businesses and public bodies the opportunity to get to know the men and skills that make our country great". 

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