They will leave atUniversità Campus Bio-Medico di Roma, since June, the only ones Italian Summer Schools in Medicine and Ingengineering for third and fourth year high school students. A week-long journey also in a residential formula, to fully enjoy the university experience and make an informed choice about your study path.

Decreased birth rates, skills gaps and poor investments are putting Italy faced with complex scenarios in terms of competitiveness, especially in the most technologically rich production sectors. This is reflected in the difficulty many companies have in sourcing ingegneri experts in cybersecurity, professionals of artificial intelligence but also doctors capable of using new technologies in hospitals and in pharmaceutical and chemical companies. In fact, according to Unioncamere data, it imbalance between supply and demand of doctors is at 47,3% in 2022 (up approximately nine points compared to 2021). With tips which, in some cases (medical-dental address), reach 68,7% difficulty in finding figures. Around 60% unavailability instead some specializations are positioned ingengineering. 

If for young people and families the choice of degree course is a fundamental step, today it takes on even greater value. Getting your bearings well is now essential: the new degree courses are increasingly diversified in their approaches, they focus on green and digital and above all they increase in number every year. In the academic year 2023/2024 they reached 5.500, with 200 more courses than in 2022/2023. There are 2.532 three-year courses, 2.618 master's degree courses and 350 single-cycle master's degrees. There are many new courses oriented towards environmental sustainability and artificial intelligence.

From the Summer School UCBM here come the seven value points to make an informed choice to guarantee your future:

  1. Enjoy university to the full like a real student for a week ;
  2. Compare with their peers and learn to recognize one's own study interests;
  3. Dialogue with university professors to clarify one's doubts about the future path and to express one's passions;
  4. Enter the laboratories to see scientists and instruments that stimulate curiosity and resourcefulness;
  5. Attend classrooms and university spaces  to "grow up" in a week;
  6. Participate in fun and recreational activities on the program will allow you to discover the fun side of the university years;
  7. Choose university with greater awareness and confidence at the end of the route.

Summer schools UCBM will be organized along a rich calendar of events, modular and fully adaptable to summer holiday programmes, useful for orienting oneself in the complex panorama of the offer of degree courses in the medical and STEM fields.

>> Registrations are open with early bird until March 31 with a discount of €200.

The dates of the Summer Schools

Medicine10 - 14 June 2024
Medicine24 - 28 June 2024
Engineering10 - 14 June 2024
Medicine and Surgery17 - 21 June 2024

The three paths

  • Medicine - it will be possible to follow real lessons on anatomy, oncology, neurology, histology, biology, physiology and use the Microscopy laboratory or the Anatomical Table under the guidance of prestigious teachers;
  • Medicine and Surgery - (Master's Degree Course in Medicine and Surgery in lingua inglese) will alternate lessons, exercises and simulations in the classroom to discover the link between the Medicine of the future and the new Technologies to become the "Doctor-ingegnere MedTech". Furthermore, there will be a mini-course aimed at providing innovative study methodologies and preparation for logic questions, of great support in passing the future admission test.
  • Engineering - lessons with teachers UCBM will offer the opportunity to learn about medical robotics, the latest developments inInggreen engineering for sustainable development and the importance of artificial intelligence in the various branches ingengineering. And it will be possible to attend practical lessons organized by the Robotics and Electronics Research Units, experiencing the research laboratories firsthand.