The goal is to encourage and support activities in developing countries and initiatives for the common good

8 February 2019 - Recognize the strategic importance of university development cooperation as an expression of a fundamental aspect of the mission of Ucbm and encourage voluntary work promoted by both employees and students: these are the aims of the Committee for University Development Cooperation and Volunteering (CUSV) dell 'Università Campus Bio-Medico di Roma.

A heterogeneous working group, made up of professors, employees and students, born from the need to pool the many existing and emerging initiatives in the University, with the aim of enhancing them in a spirit of solidarity, understood as both a personal than institutional to the pursuit of the common good.

There are two areas of application of the single body: the university development cooperation, through university work aimed at improving the living conditions of the populations of developing countries such as Tanzania, Peru and Madagascar, and the voluntary, as a provision of free service in response to the needs of the most fragile people, such as hospitalized patients or prisoners.

At work for months on the various projects underway, the birth of the body is now formalized with the appointment of the members who will remain in office for a year, promoting the active collaboration of students and staff and gathering the interest of those who want to take takes part in ongoing initiatives, as well as proposing new ones.

With a predominantly academic vocation, the CUSV is made up of:

  • a board of five university professors: Nicola Napoli (Responsible), Anna De Benedictis, Laura De Gara, Giovanni Mottini, Sergio Silvestri
  • the Vice Rector for University Education, Simonetta Filippi
  • two representatives of the University Hospital: Rossana Alloni e Marco Caricato
  • a facilitator, member of the Board of Directors: Tiziana Bernardi
  • the supporters: Manuele Casale (Alumni representative), Cristina Delicato (Fund raising), Martina D'Onofrio (Communication and Brand Management), Don Luca Fantini (Chaplaincy), Augusto Ferrini (Student representative), Benedetta Persichetti (Human Resources and Personnel Policies), Chiara Small (Academic Services)
  • staff: Donika Lafratta (technical secretariat) and Francesco Sorrentino (administrative and accounting secretariat).

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