On the occasion of the assembly meeting on 19 October, the rectors of the CRUI shared the initiatives that theyingothe universities decided to start when the conflict in the Middle East broke out.

At the end of the session, the Universities belonging to the CRUI, in the face of the current tragic resurgence of clashes, feel the duty to send a warm message of reassurance and closeness to the students coming from the war zones present in the Italian Universities as well as lively and anxious solidarity with the students , to my teaching colleagues and to the technical and administrative staff, all involved in the crisis areas.
Universities also underline how they are, by their very nature, a place of meeting and dialogue between cultures as well as the development of critical and rational thought, tools to look to for any peace building. In the Middle Eastern theater and in all the places, unfortunately numerous, where the drama of war is experienced.

In order to give substance to this idea the CRUI and the universitieson October 27ththey will display the flag of peace in mourning on their sites. Furthermore, throughout the month of November they will observe a minute of silence for the victims of all conflicts at the beginning of the meetings of the academic bodies.