Thanks to Intesa San Paolo, the possibility of funding for students, doctoral students and postgraduates

9 February 2018 – Face the course of study with serenity being able to count on a flexible and particularly advantageous bank loan. It is the opportunity offered by the University to the most deserving students of degree courses, master's degrees, doctorates and specialization schools, thanks to PerTe Loan with Honors, the financing thought up byUniversità Campus Bio-Medico di Roma together with Intesa Sanpaolo exclusively for young people.

An opportunity that can be accessed right from enrollment and for which specific initial merit requirements are required which are then periodically monitored by the University in collaboration with the bank, in order to evaluate the maintenance of the loan. It is a mechanism strongly linked to 'merit' which represents the founding element of the initiative.

Operationally, in the event of a grant, the opening of a current account is required on which the loan amount is made available in established six-monthly tranches according to the type of course to which you are registered.

Intesa Sanpaolo has also made available a dedicated platform through which to request access to the loan and monitor the performance of one's position. Just register in the section Apply for loan available on the banking group website, wait for verification by the University of required requirements and the clearance to proceed. Upon receipt of any clearance, the bank will summon the applicant student to open the Con Lode current account and make the first disbursement available.

Once the qualification has been obtained, a 'bridge period' of a maximum duration of 3 years will be granted, during which the student is not required to repay the sums received on loan and can evaluate the methods and timing of repayment of the debt. At the end of the 'bridge period', if the student has not opted for full repayment of the loan, an amortization plan with a maximum duration of 30 years will be defined, the interest rate for which will be determined by the Eurirs in effect at the time of the definition of the amortization plan plus a spread already defined and agreed today between the University and the Bank.