25 March, 2022 - They are formed inside the Bachelor's and Master's Degree Courses in Food and Human Nutrition Sciences to become nutritionists, experts in food education, also in the nutraceutical and functional fields, as well as in sports and nutrition and nutrition programs for developing countries, with a vision that puts the health of the person but also of the environment from a one health perspective. They are the graduates ofUniversità Campus Bio-Medico di Roma who can count on a complete course - three-year and master's degree - based on solid scientific skills capable of guaranteeing a employment rate close to 80% just one year after graduation.

The theme of nutrition as a determinant of health, on which the degree courses in Food Science and Human Nutrition are based, has been at the center of the visit of the Undersecretary to the Ministry of Health, Andrea Costa, with powers in the fields of sports medicine, food safety, the environment and therapeutic pathways connected to the phenomenon of addiction.

"A good number of graduates in Food and Human Nutrition Sciences are now employed in centers for eating disorders, pathologies that can be tackled with the help of trained and specialized figures who know how to work in multidisciplinary teams - explained the prof De Gara, President of the Master's Degree Course and Dean of the Departmental Faculty of Science and Technology for Man and the Environment. We train nutrition professionals with a strong link to health, but also ready to enter food companies and collective catering in food education programs, or in the field of nutraceuticals, in the processes of scientific validation of functional foods for health care of pathologies. There are an increasing number of clinical trials that see our graduates alongside other healthcare professionals in the validation of therapeutic pathways for restoring health or in prevention".

On the occasion of the meeting, the undersecretary also visited some research laboratories of the University, within which specific studies are underway on the production of food aimed at increasingly personalized treatments and for the identification of traditional Mediterranean products with interesting values ​​also for the diet of athletes.