Training, research and Third Mission activities. These are the objectives of the framework agreement signed last Friday, 10 May 2024, between Rector Eugenio Guglielmelli dell 'Università Campus Bio-Medico di Roma e Nicola Leone, Rector of the University of Calabria.

From now on, initiatives will be launched to promote the innovation, knowledge transfer e of technologies, L 'internationalization el 'social impact. Furthermore, thanks to participation in partnership in national and international competitive research calls, particular attention will be paid to projects within the macro areas of life sciences, The circular economy, medicine, ingengineering, digital technologies e agri-food sciences.

Together with the Rector Eugenio Guglielmelli for UCBM i participated Coordinators of Research and Third Mission of the three Departmental Faculties: the teacher. Marcello D'Amelio, Departmental Faculty of Medicine and Surgery, il teacher. Paolo Soda, Departmental Faculty of Ingengineering and the prof Chiara Fanali of the Departmental Faculty of Sciences and Technologies for Sustainable Development and One Health.