The students of the master's degree course in Food Science and Technology and Supply Chain Management dell 'Università Campus Bio-Medico di Roma they had the opportunity to immerse themselves in the production dynamics of the agri-food sector during a visit to the factories of Birra Peroni Srl e Malteria Saplo Spa.

The initiative saw the active participation of students, accompanied by teachers Elisa De Arcangelis e Gianfranco Pannella, experts in Food Science and Technology and Food Microbiology UCBM. Together with Dr. Massimo Fortunato, Sustainable Development Manager of Birra Peroni Srl, attended an introductory lesson on beer production held by Dr. Claudio Costa, Head Brewer, and then closely observe the systems responsible for carrying out each singor phase, such as that of mashing, filtration and fermentation. Subsequently, the group visited the Birra Peroni museum, obtaining an overview of the company's evolution over the decades and its impact on the national socio-cultural context.

Il dr. Andrea Bruni and achievement Dr. Federico De Santis they then guided the students through the barley malting sites, from the germination chambers to the drying chambers, offering a detailed illustration of the cereal's transformation phases.

The training visit to Birra Peroni Srl does not only represent a learning opportunity, but also a tangible example of the link between the University and local companies. This combination not only enriches the training offering but opens up new research and development perspectives, contributing to the training of highly qualified professionals in the field of food science and technology.