Interaction between lipid systems in the coordination of inflammation resolution

Project objectives

The project aims to investigate the role of immunomodulatory lipids such as endocannabinoids, and in particular their synergy with other endogenous lipids that coordinate the molecular machinery of inflammation resolution. 

Start and end date

November 2021 – Currently ongoing

Project Manager

Dr. Alessandro Leuti: coordinator of the experimental activity

Coordinating institution of the project

UCBM and UnivAQ

Other Institutions involved

  • UnivAQ (Prof. Mauro Maccarrone)
  • QMUL (Prof. Jesmond Dalli)
  • UniTe

Funding source(s).

Internal funds. UCBM, UnivAQ and QMUL provided consumables, personnel and expertise. Dr. Fava spent 6 months in Prof.'s laboratory. Dalli as part of a fellowship announced by UniTe, during his doctorate.