Studying the resolution of lipid-dependent inflammation in Alzheimer's disease through biochemical and computational methods (PNRR 2022)

Project objectives

The project aims to investigate the action of bioactive lipids, in the context of the resolution of the neuroinflammation of Alzheimer's disease, both in patients suffering from cognitive decline and in mouse models and to understand the role of the simultaneous modulation of multiple endogenous lipid systems in 'bring down exacerbated neuroinflammation

Start and end date

May 19, 2023 – Currently underway

Project Manager

Dr. Alessandro Leuti: coordinator of the experimental activity relating to the neuroimmunological and biochemical line in cellular and in vivo models of resolution of neuroinflammation

Coordinating institution of the project

FSL (Convention)

Other Institutions involved

  • ASL Pescara
  • UniBa

Funding source(s).

Ministry of Health (PNRR 2022 Call)