Research activities UCBM they concern all sectors of medicine and bioingengineering, translational research,ingchemical engineering for sustainable development, science and technology for food and human nutrition.

The collaboration of doctors, biologists, physicists, chemists, ingengineers, food technologists and nutritionists within a single research infrastructure strongly integrated with the Fondazione Policlinico Universitario Campus Bio-Medico has favored, over time, the development of numerous interdisciplinary research projects of high international importance.

All research activity is strongly adherent to the development of the humanities and the strictest respect for the ethical profiles expressed by the founding values ​​of the University.


An integrated system for the promotion of scientific research

The functions of promotion, valorisation and administrative-financial management of research activities are carried out by an organizational structure supporting the Departmental Faculties called Centre for Integrated Research (CIR)The Director of the CIR is the Pro-Rector for Research.

The Research Area, which belongs to the General Management of the University, offers research services of a technical-administrative-procedural nature.

The CIR, through the Research Area, ensures the correct management of funds for research activities, publications and scientific collaborations.

The CIR also guarantees the correct conduct of human trials from a regulatory point of view, of Good Clinical Practice, and compliance with the standards of the Joint Commission International. Research Units, Groups and Programs open to the participation of scholars and researchers from other university, research and cultural institutions, both national, EU and international, can be set up and financed within the CIR.

From a strategic, managerial and organizational point of view, the University Research Department (DRU), made up of the Pro-Rector for Research, the Research Coordinators of the Departmental Faculties and the Head of the Research Area, oversees the activities of the CIR.

Certified management system for planning, coordination
and the administrative and procedural monitoring of research projects and third party contracts