Financing program 

PNRR M4C2 Investment 1.3 – Partnerships extended to universities, research centers and companies for the financing of basic research projects
Project Code: PE00000013     
CUP: C53C22000800006
Start date of activities: 02/01/2023     
End date of activity: 01/01/2026

Il Extended Partnership (EP) FAIR “Future Vision market Research” is proposed as a response from the Italian scientific community operating in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to the European and National Strategic Programs on AI. PE FAIR aims to contribute to addressing the research questions, methodologies, models, technologies and also the ethical and legal rules to build Artificial Intelligence systems capable of interacting and collaborating with humans, of perceiving and act within constantly evolving contexts, to be aware of one's limits and capable of adapting to new situations, to be aware of the perimeters of security and trust, and to be attentive to the environmental and social impact that their creation and execution can result.

FAIR imagines new forms of AI:

  • human-centered: co-evolving, with the human "in the cycle", at individual and collective levels;
  • integrative: bridging different AI methods, technologies, disciplines and skills;
  • resilient: operating in challenging, noisy and uncertain real-world contexts;
  • adaptive: capable of perceiving, learning and acting in dynamically changing environments;
  • high quality: meeting quality standards for high-risk, high-precision and safety-critical applications;
  • symbiotic: capable of promoting effective human-machine interaction and collaboration;
  • on edge/exascale: capable of operating in both small edge systems and large cloud systems
  • pervasive: operating ubiquitously in different social contexts;
  • green: able to consider the environmental dimension right from the design stage;
  • sustainable and bio-cognitive: capable of imitating the principles of biological systems at multiple scales.


FAIR Foundation “Future Artificial Intelligence Research”

proposer: National Research Council 

Total financing amount:  € 114.493.643,75
Budget UCBM : € 595.991,70

Saffiliate poke: Spoke 3 “Resilient AI”.

Head UCBM: Prof. Paolo Soda – Departmental Faculty of Ingengineering

Unit of research involved: Advanced Robotics Human Centered Technologies, Computing Systems and Bioinformatics

Administrative contact: Dr. Gianfilippo Capriotti Capriotti