Financing program 

Creating and strengthening "innovation ecosystems for sustainability", building "territorial R&D leaders"
Project Code:   ECS00000024   
CUP: C83C22000510001
Start date of activities: 01/07/2022      
End date of activity: 30/06/2025

The Rome Technopole Foundation was born on 27 June 2022 to represent the innovation ecosystem of Lazio, aggregating all public and private universities, national research centers, the Lazio Region, the Municipality of Rome, the regional Chambers of Commerce, Unindustria and dozens of innovative companies.

The Rome Technopole project is aimed at generating a leap in quality in the Lazio Region in all innovation processes oriented towards sustainable development, 'smart specialisation', redevelopment and relaunching the industrial sector.

The heart of the project is developed on three thematic areas, characterized by the highest qualification and the strongest industrial presence in the regional territory:

Transition Energetic

Digital Transition

Health & Bio-Pharma


Rome Technopole Foundation

proposer: University of Rome "La Sapienza" 

Total financing amount:  € 120.000.000
Budget UCBM : € 2.687.921,15

Spoke di affiliation:

•Spoke 1: Applied research, technology development and innovation

•Spoke 2: Technology transfer, new entrepreneurship, business incubation and acceleration;

•Spoke 3: University education, industrial PhD courses, internationalization;

•Spoke 6: Open research infrastructures, joint labs, higher education with industrial collaboration;.