Financing program 

PNRR M4C2 Investment 1.4 – Strengthening research structures and creation of “national R&D champions” on some Key Enabling Technologies
Project Code:   CN00000022   
CUP: C83C22000520001
Start date of activities: 01/09/2022      
End date of activity: 31/08/2025

The National Center for the development of New Technologies in Agriculture Agritech is based on the use of enabling technologies for the sustainable development of agri-food production, with the aim of promoting adaptation to climate change, the reduction of environmental impact in agri-food , the development of marginal areas, the safety, traceability and uniqueness of the supply chains. The project is worth approximately 350 million euros, of which 320 million is paid by the PNRR and involves 28 universities, 5 research centers, 18 companies.
The Center involves the application of agricultural technologies pursuing 5 main objectives:

  • Resilience - Adaptation of production to sustainability criteria and climate change;
  • Low impact - Reduction of waste and environmental impact;
  • Circularity - Development of circular economy strategies;
  • Recovery - Development of marginal areas; Traceability - Promotion of safety, traceability and typicality of agri-food supply chains.

The Center is structured according to the Hub&Spoke approach, with the Federico II University of Naples responsible for the national HUB and 9 research nodes (spokes) divided by thematic areas:

  1. Plant, animal and microbial genetic resources and adaptation to climate change
  2. Plant health: a multidisciplinary systems approach to reduce the use of chemicals
  3. Enabling technologies and sustainable strategies for the management of agricultural systems
  4. Multifunctional and resilient agriculture and forestry systems for climate change mitigation
  5. Sustainable productivity and mitigation of environmental impact in livestock production systems
  6. Management models to promote the sustainability and resilience of agricultural systems
  7. Integrated models for the development of marginal areas to promote multifunctional production systems
  8. New models of circular economy in agriculture through the valorisation and recycling of waste products
  9. New technologies and methodologies for traceability, quality, safety, measurement and certification.


“National Research Center for Agricultural Technologies – Agritech” Foundation
proposer: University of Naples Federico II 
Total financing amount:  € 320,070.095,50
Budget UCBM : € 1.369.584
Affiliate Spoke: Spoke 1 - Plant, animal and microbial genetic resources: mining for resilience.