Financing program 

PNRR M4C2 Investment 1.4 – Strengthening research structures and creation of “national R&D champions” on some Key Enabling Technologies
Project Code:   CN00000033   
CUP: C83C22000530001
Start date of activities: 01/09/2022      
End date of activity: 31/08/2025

The National Center for Biodiversity carries out research and promotes the development of solutions to monitor, preserve and restore functional biodiversity, in order to counteract anthropogenic impact, the effects of climate change and to support ecosystem services. At the same time, the Center supports research and innovation activities for the valorization of biodiversity through circular economy and restoration economy processes, capable of protecting environmental resources and ensuring human well-being.

The key element of the Biodiversity Center are enabling technologies such as biotechnology, artificial intelligence, life science technologies, which allow us to understand biological complexity and identify solutions with high technological value, for sustainable management of biodiversity. biodiversity ensuring the resilience of ecosystems and promoting a more sustainable lifestyle.

The Center focuses on the Mediterranean (biodiversity hotspot) and addresses global challenges related to the protection and restoration of marine, coastal and terrestrial ecosystems. Through a multidisciplinary approach, the Center identifies effective strategies to reduce human pressure on ecosystems, species and populations, also by supporting and developing biobanks, encouraging the creation and aggregation of protected areas and green infrastructures and identifying capable technological and management solutions to generate environmental, social and economic value.

The Center also addresses emerging issues closely linked to personal well-being such as forestation and urban regeneration and the identification of Nature Based Solutions capable of mitigating socio-environmental problems (pollution, environmental disasters and global warming).

Finally, the "One Health" approach provides an integrated vision of all the components of biodiversity for safety and well-being and stimulates the development of new professional figures capable of facing contemporary challenges (green jobs).

THE UCBM is Hub of Spoke 6: Biodiversity and humans Wellbeing.


National Biodiversity Future Center, limited liability consortium company

proposer: CNR - National Research Council 

Total financing amount:  € 320.000.000
Budget UCBM : € 635.781,25