3D AID - Activities

The work program will be implemented in 36 months and is divided into 9 WorkPackages (WP).

WP 1 – Project Coordination and Management [M1-M36]

This WP will guarantee the management of project activities in order to achieve the set objectives, in compliance with the times, costs and expected quality.

WP 2 – Patient profiling [M1-M4]

WP 2 involves the identification of the class of pathologies and dysfunctions affecting the hand with the greatest impact on the quality of life and the level of disability caused. In parallel, the following will be defined: i) clinical investigation and evaluation tools useful for the clinical description of the patient; ii) tools and methods for profiling ingengineering; iii) functional requirements and technical specifications of the devices to be developed.

WP 3 – Virtual hand model [M1-M12]

The objective of this WP is to: (i) acquire data useful for the biomechanical characterization of the hand and its grips according to the procedure defined in WP2; ii) develop a virtual hand model to derive design variables useful for sizing and optimizing the robotic modules developed in WP 4, WP 5 and WP 6.

WP 4 – Design of kinematics and actuation systems [M5-M24]

This WP aims to define mechanical solutions, in terms of kinematics and actuation systems, necessary for the synthesis of under-actuated prostheses and exoskeletons for assistance and rehabilitation applications.

WP 5 – Customizable modulated hand prostheses [M13-M30]

WP 5 has the objective of defining a design method for a modular, low-cost prosthetic hand system customized to the patient's anatomy. Alongside the definition of the method for customized design, the control and user interface system will be developed.

WP 6 – Customizable modular hand exoskeletons [M13-M30]

This WP aims to define a design method of a low-cost modular hand exoskeletal system customized on the specific needs of the patient. Alongside the definition of the method for customized design, the control and user interface system will be developed.

WP 7 – Development and integration with digital manufacturing technologiesing [M5-M30]

This WP aims to define a production method of customized exoskeletons and hand prostheses using digital manufacturing techniquesing. The activities of this WP, in the logic of concurrent design, will be conducted in parallel with the design activities in order to cyclically evaluate the goodness of the designed solution and proceed with its optimization.

WP 8 – Experimental validation [M20 – M36]

In this WP the design and development method of customized prostheses and exoskeletons will be tested with healthy volunteers, patients affected by disabling hand pathologies and/or amputees.

WP 9 – Dissemination, exploitation of results and follow-up plans [M1 – M36]

WP 9 aims to critically evaluate the scientific and technological products of the project and develop an appropriate strategy that guarantees: i) widespread dissemination of the results achieved in the national and international scientific community and towards the general public; ii) continuous updating of INAIL medical and technical personnel; iii) the evaluation of the application effects of the intermediate and final results of the project; iv) the elaboration of an exploitation plan.