• Biomedical Research in Otolaryngology srl (BRIO)
    BRIO produces and distributes innovative biomedical devices for the healthcare sector. In particular, the company distributes SpraySol, an innovative ENT deviceingoiatrics, operable manually, which delivers substances in the form of aerosols.
  • COPD media srl ​​(www.bpcomedia.com)
    COPD media is an innovative medical device for measuring the patient's state of health capable of detecting the onset of exacerbations, or clinically critical situations, highlighting a symptom with predictive value that the patient is not yet able to perceive, enabling him to contact his doctor for early intervention with respect to a potentially dangerous situation, even before the symptoms appear.
  • Brain Innovations srl (www.braininnovations.eu)
    Low diagnostic accuracy, symptom monitoring and therapy management are the three main problems of Parkinson's disease today. To solve these problems, Brain Innovations offers an integrated solution, consisting of the following devices:
    - Answer to PD: device for the diagnosis of Parkinson's disease;
    - Answer to PD: device for monitoring symptoms and as an aid for personalized therapeutic management.
  • Epiclick srl (www.epiclick.it)
    Epiclick aims to contribute to the prevention of melanoma by exploiting the immediacy of information technology and through the joint use of epiluminescence and the best telematic tools in order to allow remote diagnosis of melanoma, avoiding the long waiting lists of the public service for the patient.
  • HEREMOS (https://www.heremos.com/)
    Wearable system that allows continuous monitoring of the patient's vital parameters to evaluate, follow and analyze his state of health inside and outside hospital facilities, thus offering the opportunity to shorten the hospitalization period and reduce the readmission rate in hospitals.
  • ICAN Robotics srl (www.icanrobotics.com)
    It is an innovative start-up active in the field of biomedical robotics and the development of technologies for rehabilitation and physical assistance for patients with neurological, orthopedic or age-related pathologies. ICan Robotics develops innovative and user-friendly products that can be used not only in hospital facilities, but also at home, to benefit the quality of life of patients and their families.
  • Move To Zero srl
    The company develops and produces innovative services in the field ofingprocess engineering and energy efficiency. Among the activities, a system is being designed for the production of synthetic natural gas starting from CO2 and green hydrogen, generated by electrolysis powered by a solar source.
  • WINGED srl
    WINGED proposes to create technological platforms for the valorization of agri-food waste, in the logic of the integrated biorefinery for the production of energy, biofuels and organic compounds for fine chemicals and nutraceuticals. The project that gives it its name (WINe GrEen Distillery) concerns the creation of a technological system for the valorisation of waste from wine processing in order to produce products with high added value and green energy.