Research areas and methodologies

The Research Unit deals with Public Health. Epidemiological and molecular epidemiological surveillance of infectious diseases of viral and bacterial nature. Analysis of environmental epidemiology. Epidemiological and statistical consultancy in the hospital setting. Antimicrobial resistant.

Evolutionary and molecular epidemiological analyzes of all forms of zoonotic and human infectious diseases, analyzes of molecular evolution. Clinical applications of statistical and molecular methods in the clinical hospital setting.


Amicosante M, Montesano C., Ciccozzi M., Grifoni A., Minutolo A., Potestà A., Cella E., Giovanetti M., Lo Presti A., d'Agostino F. Use of amino acid sequences of Ebola virus and their antisense peptides for the immunological diagnosis of and viremia determination of Ebola virus infection. Bulgarian Patent, 12/12/2014, N° 111877. Applicant ProxAgen Ltd.

Collaborations with other Research Centers

  • ISS
  • NIH Bulgaria
  • Izmir University
  • MRI Alexandria Egypt
  • NIH Montenegro
  • University of Florida
  • University of Milan
  • University of Magna Graecia
  • Regional WHO Montenegro
  • University of Sassari
  • Zooprophylactic Institute of Sardinia
  • Basilicata region