Research areas and methodologies

The Philosophy of Science and Human Development Research Unit is mainly interested in the philosophical and epistemological aspect of the dynamics (development, growth, crisis, etc.) of complex systems and their functional integration.

Currently the RU is working on contemporary digital transitions, especially those related to care processes, social and educational systems. Expertise from the social sciences, economics, law and ethics integrate, through national and international collaborations, our expertise and our fields of research activity.

The Research Unit, therefore, deals with deepening the concepts related to the following topics: healthcare, integral development, human-centric approach, human ecology, systemic complexity and ecosystems, smart human environments, bio-digital transitions, human-machine interactions , theory of data. In these areas, two key guidelines have been identified, in silico/digital bio-medicine and smart human environment, as areas of reflection that focus on the emerging question of sustainability.

In conclusion, the research activity aims to critically analyse, through the conceptual tools offered by philosophy, the complexity of the contemporary world, starting, in particular, from technological progress and from the biological-systemic perspective of the question .

The Research Unit is also responsible for building and managing multidisciplinary working groups aimed at offering companies "innovation accelerators". Such working groups are capable of combining the logics of the world of research with those of the industrial and governmental world. In fact, in a constantly evolving world, we believe that it is essential to build common work plans that speed up the understanding and integration of innovations at multiple levels.

Collaborations with other research centres