The IMAGINE 2020 visual arts and photography exhibition will be one of the initiatives with which UCBM will accompany the resumption of normal university and welfare activities during the 2020/2021 academic year.

During what we hope will be a period of further return to normality, after the months of lockdown due to the pandemic, this new Campus Life initiative wants to give the whole community of UCBM the opportunity to artistically express one's experience in this particular year.

The exhibition will have the year 2020 as its single large (and flexible) theme-frame, with the emotions, fears, dreams, encounters, discoveries, spaces and places that have characterized it and that will characterize it in the coming weeks .

The works will be exhibited in the spaces of the Trapezio, in November 2020, and subsequently, in those of the Policlinico. At the end of the exhibition, the works will be put up for sale and the proceeds will go to the new Palliative Care Center "Together in the cure" UCBM.


  1. Participants: students can participate in the exhibition, alumni and all the staff UCBM.
  2. Works: each participant will be able to exhibit one or more works (see n.3) of drawing, graphics, painting, collage or photography. For exhibition reasons, sculptures or three-dimensional works (more than 5 cm thick) cannot be admitted.
  3. Formats and support: each work must be presented on a rigid or framed support, already equipped with special hooks or hangers. It will be displayed on special display grids provided by the University. Each participant will be able to present one or more works and will have a total space of about 150cm (height) by 80cm (width).
  4. Title and explanatory text: each work must be accompanied by the Author's name and surname, title of the work (max. 20 words), year of creation, indication of the technique used. Each participant may add, if he wishes, one or more explanatory texts (max. 200 words each) of the work or works presented. NB: the explanatory text or texts must also fit into the space indicated above available to each participant.
  5. Deadlines: the deadlines for participating in the exhibition are as follows:

    to. Registrations (with a very brief description of the type, number and object of the works to be exhibited) to be sent via email to the address [email protected] within the 30 September 2020;
    b. Delivery of works between the 10 and the 20 October 2020, in a place and in ways that will be agreed with each participant.
  6. Charity sale of the works: at the end of the exhibition period the works will be put up for sale, according to a procedure that will be agreed later with the Authors. The proceeds will go to the new Palliative Care Center "Together in the cure" UCBM. If an Author does not want any of his works to be put up for sale, he must notify this when registering.

Rome, 22 July 2020