For students and recent graduates

1) How can I find out about the activities and initiatives of the Career Service office?

The information can be found via:

  • University bulletin board internal for students and recent graduates
  • institutional newsletter
  • website UCBM
  • distribution and posting of printed promotional material relating to events at the University (posters, flyers, etc.)

2) Is the Career Service only for students enrolled in Master's Degree Courses?

No, the Career Service is available to every student/graduate of our University who wishes or needs to improve their approach to the world of work.3) The Career Service office deals with the management of internships at theUniversità Campus Bio-Medico di Roma for students coming from other universities?

The Career Service office only takes care of the management of curricular internships for students (in the course of study) from other universities, who carry out activities in the non-health/clinical field in the laboratories of the Research Units UCBM. Interested students must first make arrangements with the teacher UCBM for approval of the application before contacting the Career Service office.

4) What are the methods for sending the application for a job advertisement published on the Portal UCBM/AlmaLaurea and on the internal virtual platform e-Learning?

The modalities are indicated in detail on the University bulletin board in the section fitting instructions.

5) When is it possible to receive advice for drafting the CV or for a comparison in order to best carry out a job interview?

It is possible to be received during office hours from Monday to Friday. Given the large number of students, it is preferable to book an appointment by sending an email to [email protected] or by going to the office (0 floor, Trapezio building).

For companies

1) Is it possible to spread a job advertisement through the University channels?

Yes, it is possible to distribute job advertisements autonomously for all companies that have registered with the AlmaLaurea portal of Athenaeum. The accredited body/company will receive access credentials to online information and services dedicated to businesses (publication of job/traineeship offers and receipt of applications; consultation of curricula vitae of students and recent graduates). For further dissemination, it is possible to contact the Career Service Office which will ensure that it is disseminated appropriately in the area reserved for students and recent graduates of the University Notice Board.

2) Is it possible to access the lists of graduates and consult the CVs?

To access the CVs it is necessary to register at University AlmaLaurea portal and follow the procedure for requesting CVs. If you are already registered, you just need to log in login at the University AlmaLaurea Portal and follow the procedure for requesting CVs. The Career Service Office is available for any further requests.

3) Are the services paid?

No, all the services offered by the Career Service Office are free.

4) It is possible to join the Committee UCBM - Businesses?

Yes, it is necessary to formalize the membership by signing a specific agreement. For more information, contact the Career Service Office at [email protected].