From Job Day to work in the company

She is 27 years old, she graduated in Food and Human Nutrition Sciences and then attended the Masters in Applied Nutrition, Safety and Quality of Environments in Ucbm. Clara Caniglia today, with a curricular internship in Findus behind her, is a quality assurance in the Serenissima. Opportunities born thanks to her participation in the University Job Day, a fundamental step for the beginning of her professional career.

> Tell us about your experience at Job Day.

It was difficult to decide to participate when I was enrolled in the first year of the master's degree. I was afraid it wasn't the right moment, but in the end I plucked up the courage thinking that it could be a good opportunity to clarify my ideas on which professional paths could open shortly thereafter. Undertook very few interviews. The one with the Findus company allowed me to realize the curricular internship opportunity. Then, the following year, while I was attending the Master's, I arrived more prepared to meet companies. I updated my CV, gathered information on the participating companies and planned the day well by participating in various interviews with recruiters, including the one with the contact person from the Quality Office of Serenissima Ristorazione. It was precisely on Job Day that an internship opportunity opened up during the Master's at the end of which I received a real job offer.

> How to prepare for the meeting with companies?

First of all, I would suggest paying due attention to our business card: the curriculum. I recommend not preparing it at the last minute, but instead taking the time to set up your presentation. I think it is essential to study the companies that will meet to arrive prepared for the interview, so as to ask the right questions and give the best answers.

> What has this experience taught you?

Not to underestimate myself, to give due weight to my experiences and my studies. It is never premature to apply for a job. By participating in the Job Day I learned to present myself in a more brilliant way, I remember well the difference between the awkwardness of the first interview and the fluency of the last one. Finally, I realized that where I had fears, there were actually opportunities.

> So would you recommend participating in Job Day?

Absolutely yes! Don't be afraid to jump. I remember my first thought was the fear of being too young, the belief that I still have a lot of time to approach the professional world, but I was wrong. Participating right away is essential to get a better idea chiara on the range of professional options we have before us and on the needs of the labor market so as to be able to better direct our studies. Not only that, Job Day is also an opportunity to start building a solid network of contacts that can prove decisive when looking for a job.

> Three words to describe it.

Effective, educational and unmissable. A highly recommended event to gain greater self-awareness.