How to prepare for the day of meeting with companies

Spring is one of the most favorable periods of the year for looking for work, companies begin to plan recruiting daysing to proceed with new hirings, often turning directly to universities to look for young resources. It is with the aim of encouraging meetings between students/new graduates and the company that Job Day was born, an opportunity to test one's skills in interviews and gain confidence and familiarity with selection dynamics.

You will be able to find out which professional profiles are most sought after and learn how to move in a competitive and dynamic context from the very first years of study. Also, it will be the ideal time for network, meeting people who work in your field of interest and expanding your network on LinkedIn could come in handy in the future!

Participation is high, which is why it is important to arrive at Job Day ready to make the difference. Here are some tips to face the day on the right foot.

  • Watch the programme of the day and register for the event
  • Gather information about companies present, corporate sites and social media are an inexhaustible source for understanding: corporate structure, values, mission and much more
  • Update your CV, making sure there are no errors and that your contact details are accurate. Print several copies to be distributed to HR representatives present at the event
  • Prepare some questions that you can address to recruiters, especially in the event of doubts relating to job offers
  • Refresh yours ingForest. Don't run the risk of stuttering just a few syllables, she would be out of tune with the wording "fluent in English” present on your CV

Here we are! Job Day has arrived and you have followed all our suggestions to arrive prepared for the event. We wanted to leave you some more advice to better manage the opportunities that arise.

  • Dress appropriately. The first impression counts for a lot, especially when there are dozens of people in line with us, all with the same goal
  • If you've never faced an interview work and you are anxious, a strategy to break the ice is to introduce you to the companies that interest you the least. This will allow you to understand how a selection interview takes place before introducing yourself to the reality you really want to impress
  • Try to be polite and kind, recruiters meet many candidates within a few hours, try to leave their mark to remain impressed
  • Avoid showing up in the company of friends, relatives, or fellow students in front of the recruiter. Autonomy and self-confidence are excellent business cards

All you have to do is put yourself in the game!

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