All the tips to make it from scratch

Without eliminating the paper CV, you can take advantage of video production tools to create an original product with which introduce yourself to the company in an attractive way. Adding a video CV - lasting a few minutes - can prove to be a winning move to make your profile remain impressed, expressing not only your professional skills but also your communication and expressive skills. How to make it?

  • The instruments
    The video should be pleasant to watch and listen to, that's why it's important take care of the quality of the shots using i right tools. A phone with a good camera, webcam or video camera, always making sure the recording equipment is stable. And last but not least, an edit programing To refine the film, there are various software available online, including free ones, that can help you with editing. The final product will be a video with a stable frame, a sharp image and clear and “clean” audio.
  • The Septing
    The environment around you can help convey a positive idea of ​​yourself and in line with the professional figure for which you are applying. We advise you to use neutral backgrounds, without disturbing elements that could divert the observer's attention. Position the camera in front of your eyes making sure there is the right lighting, evenly distributed in the room.
  • The clothing
    It's indicated dress professionally and neatlyas if you were appearing in person for a job interview. Better to avoid wearing too eccentric accessories because they can divert attention from the contents of the exhibition. In fact, through clothing we have the opportunity to communicate information on some characteristics of our personality, so we pay attention to every detail.
  • The content
    Before recording the video CV, we advise you to prepare a text with all the information to be communicated, to be as precise and punctual as possible in the time available. Let's start from personal data basic, to then briefly tell the academic training and professional experiences above, especially those more related to the position of your interest. Value them hard and le soft skills referring to the experiences that have allowed you to develop these skills. It is necessary to explain the motivation that sp. youingand to apply for that role and the contribution you can make to the new work context. If the video CV accompanies the traditional one, be careful not to repeat the same information, the two tools should integrate with each other. Remember, at the end of the video, to ringthank the interlocutor for the attention received and make yourself available to be contacted.
  • The exhibition
    Before recording the definitive version of the video curriculum, it is recommended to practice repeating the contents, to be successful spontaneous and confident. Hire one natural pose, imagining that you are in front of the recruiter you are addressing. Better to avoid reading the content track while speaking and giving the impression of repeating the text from memory. Try to keep it direct look into the camera, speaking at the right speed, neither fast nor slow and monotonous. Finally, cure the linguage of the body: don't gesticulate too much, don't scratch yourself, don't play with rings, watches or other objects.

Having reached the final version of the video, you are ready to send it to the recruiter, which can take place in two ways: either by attaching the file - rigorously compressed - to the e-mail or by inserting a link to the video - uploaded on a dedicated portal - to the within the classic CV or the cover letter.