Allegrio - restaurant Rome

Via Vittorio Veneto, 114 - 00187 Rome

Discount applied:

10% discount displaying the institutional badge. By benefiting from the agreement it is possible to contribute to a noble cause because the restaurant will donate 3% of each transaction to a scholarship fund.

Checco dello Scapicollo - pizza restaurant

Via dei Genieri, 5/9 – 00134 Rome
Tel. (+39) 06.5010251/06.5018502

Discount applied:
10% on à la carte lunches and dinners (fixed menus excluded).
Reservation required (+06) 5010251

Da Norcia per Voi - Fraschetti, norcino dal 1979

Via di Trigoria, 248 - 00128 Rome

Discount of 15%
Specialized in the processing and sale of pork, they offer a refined selection of hams, couplets, loins, capocolli, pork sausages etc.ingfresh and seasoned hiales, ciuscoli and truffle sausages.
Porchetta and warm bread every day, aged pecorino cheese in caves and legumes from Norcia.
Small wine and beverage cellar. 

Frankie's Bar

Via Alessandrini, 7 - 00128 Rome
Tel. (+39) 06.84381583

Discount applied:

> Cafeteria:
Coffee: 0,90 cents.
Coffee + croissant (simple or filled): €1,90
Cappuccino + croissant (plain or filled): €2,00
Coffee + slice of donut: €1,80
Dry pastry: € 1,50 pcs.

> Small gastronomy:
Toasts: €2,00
Juice: €2,20
Sandwiches: €2,00
Stuffed sandwiches and stuffed pizzas: €2,50
Round pizza: €2,00
Stuffed piadina: €2,00

> Gastronomy:
Toast + juice + coffee: €5,00
Sandwich + Coke + coffee: €4,50

> Aperitifs:
Non-alcoholic aperitif: €3,00
Spritz or Negroni or wrong Negroni + mixed fried foods and slices of pizza: €7,50

Organization of small and large events such as coffee breaks, conventions, meetingsing corporate, parties, baptisms, communions, weddings. Holders of membership badges or cards will be able to take advantage of the discount. The agreement will be extended to students, employees, former students, student parents, Friends of the Campus Associates, Alberto Sordi Foundation, blood donors and My Hospital members. 10% discount applied on each drink.

Winter time: from Monday to Saturday: opening at 05,30 - closing at 21,00. 

Sunday morning closed.

Summer hours: from Monday to Saturday: opening at 05,30 - closing at 24,00. 

Sunday morning closed.


P. le dei Militari Caduti nei Lager, 145 – Rome
Site - shop
Site - restaurant

Discount applied:

10% on all purchases in the shop and on the menu of the day at the STARBAU bar restaurant, at the price of € 6,00 (first or second course, side dish, water and coffee) also with the possibility of take away and telephone order at 3285614473.

STARBAU is a pet friendly restaurant bar entirely dedicated to animals. In addition to the food dedicated to humans, who can also purchase excellent food and wine products, there is a menu dedicated to four-legged friends to be consumed on site.

You will need to show your identification card at the cash desk UCBM or go to the welcome box to receive the corporate card which will entitle you to the discount.

Fountain of Venus - restaurant

Vicolo dei Modelli, 56 – 00187 Rome
Tel. (+39) 06.69924087

Discount applied

20% on à la carte menu (cannot be combined with any other promotions and discounts)

The "Fontana di Venere" restaurant is just a few steps from Piazza Fontana di Trevi. It offers traditional Roman dishes, as well as Mediterranean cuisine, revisited with imagination.

Open every day, from 12:00 pm to 03:00 pm and from 07:00 pm to 10:30 pm.

Ginkosushi - Japanese restaurant

Via Ermanno Wolf Ferrari, 252/254 – 00124 Rome
Tel. (+39) 06.87089636

Discount applied:
GINKOCAMPUS discount code equal to 15% applicable for orders to be placed in the following ways:

  • Order online on the site
  • Telephone order at number 06.87089636
  • Order with whatsapp message at number 333.1993886

The discount code is not applicable to the wine and champagne categories and predefined menus.
Method of collection or delivery:

  • Pickup at the restaurant location
  • Delivery directly to UCBM
  • Or in the following areas: Casalpalocco, Acilia, Infernetto and Axa

Methods of payment: cash, debit or credit cards.
Deliveries are made during the following times: LUNCH from 12:30 pm to 02:30 pm / DINNER from 07:00 pm to 09:00 am pm (it is recommended to place orders at least 1 hour in advance)

Hokkaido - Japanese restaurant

Via Gustavo D'Arpe, 23 – 00128 Rome
Mob. (+39) 388.4853168

Discount applied only if the reservation is made via Whatsapp at the following number 388/4853168

  • 10% discount reserved for the University

L'antica Via - pizza restaurant

Via Castel di Leva, 269 – 00134 Rome
Tel. (+39) 06.71355299
Mob. (+39) 334/9945805

Discount applied:

Pizza and beer (1 draft glass 0,20 cl) - €8
Appetizer of the day, an espresso first course, bread, 0,50 cl water, ¼ local red or white wine, coffee - €12

First course of the day, second course of meat or cheese and salami, seasonal side dish, fruit, 0,50 cl water, ¼ local red or white wine, coffee - €16

First course of the day, fish or cheese and salami main course, seasonal side dish, fruit, 0,50 cl water, ¼ local red or white wine, dessert, coffee - €20

L'officina dei dolci - pastry shop

Via Antonio Giuffrè, 157/159 - 00128 Rome
Tel. (+39) 06.5062018
Mob. (+39) 335-356543

Discount applied:

15% on pastry and caterer quotesing.
Possibility of rechargeable nominal card upon presentation of the identification badge UCBM.
L'Officina dei dolci it is also a roasting company with the related production of various coffee blends and retail sale of both ground and beans. A line of Nespresso compatible ATM capsules is also created.
Possibility of organizing refreshments and graduation parties in the venue.

Ample parking on the second entrance in via Armando 80/82.
For info and reservations call 333/1500494 or 349/8687354.

Bacchus' cellar - wine shop

Via Giolito De Ferrari, 8 – 00128 Rome
Tel. (+39) 06.5060127

Discount applied:

The agreement provides for a 15% discount on purchases made at the shop, with the exception of the purchase of bulk wine.

In price list atingred, interested parties will be able to consult and, for any orders made via email or mobile phone not lower than the amount of €150,00, free home delivery is provided (only for the Rome area).
The agreement is reserved for current and/or retired employees and is also extended to students and their families.

> Product list 1


Via di Trigoria, 142 – 00128 Rome
Tel. (+39) 06.69378855

The Salumeria di Trigoria is a new commercial reality. Our core business is Terracina Buffalo Mozzarella with various products selected in the Salumeria and Formaggera farms.

Discount applied:

>> 15% discount reserved for the University on all products.
>> Any additional services offered: home delivery.

Metis - restaurant

Via Piazza Enrico Martini, 24/25 – 00127 Rome
Phone (+ 39) 06.40066729
Mob. (+39) 3468206136

Discount applied to all holders of a badge or specific membership card.
Discount percentage reserved for the University 10%. Booking and payment from website or on site. Any additional services offered for business dinners, parties, communions, etc.

Pizza in Casa

Via Matilde Serao, 19A - Rome | Tel. 06.50797916 
Via Nazareth, 450 - Rome | Tel. 06.6244470
For ordering via whatsapp cell. 379/1500393
Visit Website

Discount applied:
15% on home deliveries
20% for collection on site and table

Spiders - bakery

Via di Trigoria, 132/A - 00128 Rome
Phone 339.1451201

Discount applied:
20% on bread, pizza, stuffed pizzas and sandwiches, pastries and cafeterias.

Rosolino - Pastry café

Via Alvaro del Portillo, 66 - 00128 Rome
Tel. (+39) 06.5062602

Discount applied:

15% on all artisanal production, for amounts over 20 euros
Breakfast with coffee/cappuccino + croissant - reduction of 0,20 euro
Juice, croissant and coffee - 3 euros
House aperitif - 3,50 euros
Pizza menu: 1 lingua of pizza of your choice, 1 arancino, 1 supplì, 1 half liter water, 1 coffee - 4,50 euros
Salad menu: 1 salad in a bread basket, 1 half liter of water, 1 coffee - 4,90 euros
Show your company badge.

Terra mia - restaurant

Castelromano Shopping Village - 00128 Rome
Tel. (+39) 06.50576654

Discounts applied on lunch consumed à la carte:

  • 30% discount on the total cost of lunch from Monday to Friday
  • 20% discount on the total cost of lunch on Saturday and Sunday
  • 20% discount on the total cost of dinner every day of the week

It is necessary to show the identification badge.

Villa Strampelli

Via N. Strampelli, 175 – 00134 Rome
Phone (+ 39) 06.5069214
Mob. (+39) 335.6346794

Discount applied:
12% on published prices website.

Verde Caffè - bar

Via di Vallerano, 80 - 00128 Rome

Discount applied:
> Cafeteria:
Coffee + croissant: €2,00
Cappuccino + croissant: €2,10

> Hot table:
Complete menu (first course, second course with side dish, water and coffee): €7,60
Tris plate and water: € 5,70
Main course with side dish: €4,75
Sandwich, water and coffee: €5,20
Sandwich, water and coffee: €4,25