AM Multiservice Agency

Via Ostia, 27 - Rome
Phone: 339.6253629

Promotion reserved for:
employees, students and members of the Amici del Campus Association. 
To take advantage of the discounts, you must show your identification badge. 
Offered one 10% Off on services. 
Sale of new and used cars, financing, insurance and rental.

The Company is available to be present on site for direct support to employees, to receive requests for information and quotes via whatsapp, to allow short/medium/long-term rental with the possibility of delivery UCBM without additional costs.

Estimates for long-term rental of cars and commercial vehicles, for periods between 12 and 60 months, can be sent via email, mobile phone or whatsapp. 

Aurelia Car Service

Via Aurelia, 557 - 00165 Rome
Phone: 06.66414015

Reserved promotion until 31 January 2022

  • All season tyres (assembly/disassembly, balancing, new valves, convergence and VAT)

Monday - Friday: 8.30 - 13.00 / 14.30 - 19.00
Saturday: 8.30 - 13.00

Car body shop Valenza Fabrizio & F.lli snc

Via di Trigoria, 49 - 00128 Rome
Phone: 06.5062812

Discount applied:

Free roadside assistance in Rome;
Free courtesy car;
Legal assistance;
Credit transfer repairs;
Labor discount of 25% (€ 35/hour, instead of € 50);
National spare parts discounted by 15%;
10% discount on foreign spare parts;
Revision service;
15% discount on mechanical repairs.

For any further information you can contact Mr. Marco Valenza at the e-mail address.

Formelluccia body shop

Via Giacomo Samperisi, 41 - 00128 Rome
Phone: 06.50654032 - 
Fax: +06.50659532
e-mail - e-mail

Offered services:

> Polishing and cleaning on site
> Glass repair, replacement and darkening
> Bump removal service without painting
> Roadside assistance inside and outside the GRA
> Collection and delivery of the vehicle at home
> 3 free courtesy cars
> Management of road accidents
> Legal assistance on site
> 24 months warranty on repairs

Discount applied:

> 30% on labor cost
> 14% on consumables
> 10% on national spare parts
> 5% on foreign spare parts

Autofficina Giuliani

Via Danilo Gavagnin, 37 - 00128 Rome
Phone: 349.6374890

Discount applied:

Labor for mechanical and electrician repairs: € 25/hour + VAT
Free pre-inspection and assistance service for bodywork work

Laurentino auto repairs - Alfa Romeo authorized service

Via del Fosso di Acqua Acetosa Ostiense, 31
Via Casale di Vallerano, 15 - 00143 Rome
Phone: 06.5003686 / 06.5011875
Fax: +06.50524614

Discount applied:

  • labor reserved for the University €50 + VAT (ordinary €55 + VAT)
  • discount reserved for the University of 10% to 15%
  • additional services: car sanitization/washing, claims management.

Telephone reservation.

Avis e Amico Blu

Via Carmelo Bene, 70 - 00139 Rome
Phone: 06.419941
Fax: +06.41994237
Website - Avis
Website - Amico Blu

To take advantage of the special rental conditions, present the highlighted codes when booking.

>> Notices:
- up to 15% discount on CAR rental rates up to 9 seats
- it is essential to use the exclusive discount code
- booking via: call center 199 100 133 / Avis rental stations / 


AVIS WORLDWIDE DISCOUNT CODE (AWD): T322301 dedicated for Avis cars

>> Blue Friend:
- up to 15% discount on VANS and commercial vehicle rental rates
- all stations in Italy
- it is essential to use the exclusive discount code - booking via: call center 199 151 198 / Amico Blu rental stations / Website: 
- booking via: call center 199 151 198 / Amico Blu rental stations / Website: 

MCD CODE (MCD): M042032 dedicated for Amico Blu vans


Telephone: 06.517623051 / 389.8449097

Conditions reserved for students, employees, collaborators and family members up to the 2nd degree

In February at CARPOINT the scrapping continues and also the ZERO RATE

the ZERO RATE continues if you have a car that needs scrapping!
Ford Fiesta yours from €99 per month, Ford Puma yours from €119 per month, Ford Focus yours from €129 per month!

Volkswagen Edition Plus range, everything you would like on your new Volkswagen becomes standard!
In February New T Cross starting from €149 per month with PVV.

la scrapping continues and also the ZERO RATE!

EKLY Carpoint Rental
Discover the cars in Prompt delivery! For you in the agreement, the first fee will be reimbursed in fuel vouchers.

Three years of maintenance + one year of free Kasko.
Free transfer of ownership in February
on + 200 selected cars.

Request the voucher to take advantage of the agreement at [email protected] and accumulate all your advantages!
Book your appointment on 06517623051.

Body shop 2007

With Giovanni Valdarchi, 58 - 00128 Rome
Phone: 06.50657084 / 329.3386946

Discount applied:

15% on general coupons, vehicle pre-inspection, air conditioning recharge, generic mechanical interventions (engine and structural), free electronic diagnosis

RC Car Body

Via di Torre Spaccata, 123 - 00169 Rome
Phone: 06.2678856 / 06.23267777

Discount applied:

15% national spare parts
10% foreign spare parts

Car inspection center of Claudio Sbizzera

Via G. Samperisi, 24 - 00128 Rome
Tel. (+39) 06.5061726
Email Address

Discount applied:

15% on spare parts
20% on lubricants
15% on labor
60 €
from 30% to 60% (free balancing and valve)
20% from the list price (including electrical system check)
Complimentary cabin filter or sanitation

Daily car rental - Fiat new Panda 1.2 petrol with air conditioning and radio/CD MP3 (180 km per day included):

Daily fare: €30,00 (excluding VAT)
Additional costs: a cost of €0,10 will be applied to each km out of budget
Deductible in case of damage to the vehicle: € 500,00
Terms of payment: direct remittance in cash upon return of the vehicle

An additional 5% discount will be applied to all rentals of 15 days or more.
For the collection of the vehicle, reservations are recommended 24 hours in advance. 
The proposal is not valid for newly licensed (< 1 year).

Delta sistem SRL, Officina autorizzata Ford e plurimarche

Via Silicella, 33 - 00169 Rome
Telephone: 06.76907353 / 06.76906921

Services reserved for employees, students and students' families UCBM:

– assistance ford coupons and guarantees
– multi-brand assistance, coupons and electronic diagnosis
– repair / replacement fap and mufflers
– maintenance of automatic gearboxes with washing
– auto glass replacement
– sale of summer/winter tires with free storage
– air conditioning recharge with system sanitization
– authorized installer of mechanical, electronic and satellite anti-theft block-shaft and gt alarm
– rescue truck service
– replacement car
– maintenance of LPG systems
– revision service
– bodywork service
– spare parts discounts by ford coupon 20%
– 25% discount on multi-brand commercial spare parts
– 20% labor discount
– 20% discount on air conditioning refills
– 20% discount on the tire list price
– free sanitation of both incoming and outgoing cars
– possibility to finance repairs with “compass”
– in the bodywork department free repairs with the cid and deep discounts in the event of a passive claim
– free courtesy car for work lasting more than three days

Gierre Auto - Chevrolet Dealership

Via Prenestina, 447
Via di Santa Croce in Gerusalemme 32/34
Via Casilina, 1322
Via R. Nasini, 4 (corner of via Tiburtina)
Telephone: 06.4078914/06.2023498

Discount applied:
On the entire Chevrolet range up to 3% more than the current campaigns


Agreement dedicated to the employees ofUniversità Campus Bio-Medico di Roma and the Campus Bio-Medico University Polyclinic Foundation. 

  • The agreement will be valid at all Mercedes and smart locations and dedicated assistance centers in the Rome area.
  • The offer includes dedicated discounts for the purchase of new Mercedes-Benz and smart and Young Used cars (Mercedes-Benz certified used cars).
  • Dedicated assistance packages for Mercedes and smart customers valid in all Mercedes-Benz assistance centers in Rome

> Mercedes-Benz New: for long-term rental formulas, ad hoc advantageous and reserved offers will be made from time to time. The discount will be considered valid also in case of exchange and/or scrapping. Discounts applied on the list price (excluding VAT).
Reference contacts:

  • Paolo Vena (North Area Sales Manager)
    Tel. 06 45144834 | Mobile 340 8670346 | [email protected]
  • Andrea Bellomo (South East Area Sales Manager)
    Tel. 06 45144717 | Mobile 366 9010287 | [email protected]

Mercedes-Benz Certified: warranty up to 48 months; Mobilo roadside assistance; financial products; barter; related services; replacement car; certified mileage; maintenance; 150 controls; personalized advice; digital stores; pre-delivery slip. 
Reference contacts:

  • Stefano Giorgi (Sales Manager for Used Vehicles)
    Mobile 340 1801100 | [email protected]
  • Edoardo Caruso (Sales Manager Used Rome West)
    Mobile 338 9851856 | [email protected]

Smart - Full Electric Solution
Reference contacts:

  • Davide Bartolini (North Area Sales Manager)
    Tel. 06 45144788 | Mobile 344 2088538 | [email protected]
  • Andrea Don't worry (South Area Sales Manager)
    Tel. 06 45144240 | Mobile 340 8386855 | [email protected]

Mercedes-Benz Rent: 30% discount on the web rate for daily and weekly rentals; deductible reduced to €500 and unlimited mileage; for those who purchase Kasko coverage an additional 20% discount on the insurance component. Fleet: smart Fortwo EQ/Cabrio EQ; Class A; Class B; C-Class SW; S-Class; GLE; GLC SUV; GLC Coupe; GLB; V class

> Mercedes and smart Customer Service: maintenance with dedicated prices with an extra 10% discount compared to the packages already on offer available on the Mercedes-Benz Rome website. For repairs not included in the packages available on the site, a discount is applied on the Labor Rate and on Spare Parts* and Accessories equal to 20% of the list value. Booking of the intervention at the number: 06 451441 (key 1) or online on the website (Mercedes-Benz Assistance Centres).

Vehicle assistance - offices and addresses:
- East Rome - Via Zoe Fontana, 220
- North Rome - Via Salaria, 717
- South Rome - Viale del Caravaggio, 113b
- South Rome - Via dell'Acqua Acetosa Ostiense, 430
- Rome West - Pisana, GRA Km 64.962 exit 33
- Rome Variola - Via Variola, 14

Pick Up and Delivery Service. Pick Up & Delivery is the service designed to give value to your time. If you need assistance, Mercedes will take care of everything, from collection to delivery wherever you prefer. Compared to the ordinary rate, a 10% discount will be applied. The Pick Up & Delivery service is totally free for those requesting collection and return at the Bio-Medico Campus.
To book the same day service:

  • [email protected]
  • Tel.06 45144108
  • Emilio Marsella (Customer Service Manager - south area)
    Cell 340 3332897

> Other services available:

  • Courtesy car service: service available upon reservation. a credit card (non-rechargeable) is required for any deductible reduction and any notification of fines.
  • Waiting service: for ordinary maintenance interventions of a maximum of 2 hours of work, Mercedes provides a waiting room with all the necessary comforts.
  • Bodywork service: with credit transfer consultancy for CID with double signature, Casco and for insurance practices. For these repairs it is possible to have the courtesy car from the moment the repair procedure is accepted.
  • Tire service: with dedicated discounts on purchases, labor for replacement at €65 (VAT included) for smarts and €80 (VAT included) for Mercedes and €20+VAT on the storage of winter/summer tires purchased at our dealership. Insurance against any damage is also provided for replaced tires.
  • Mobilo service: remember that in the event of a breakdown, by carrying out maintenance regularly, the Mobilo package is renewed, which allows free mobility solutions in the event of a car breakdown. Mercedes information
  • Audit Service: Law Audit Service
  • Washing and sanitizing service: free washing and sanitizing for each intervention

RentAmo - Move Group

Viale Libia, 187 - Rome

Long-term rental
Dedicated email always active [email protected], with operator intervention from Monday to Friday from 08,45 to 13,00 and from 14,00 to 18,30 also by telephone

Free advice at the place requested by the customer

Exclusive free CarValet service: Collection and return to the office/home for all ordinary and extraordinary maintenance with delivery and collection of any replacement car on site
Zero advance
Durations from 12 to 60 months
Fixed fee for the entire duration
PAI, driver accident policy, ceiling € 255.000
RCA zero deductible on passive damages, ceiling € 50.000.000
Theft, Fire and Kasko with zero deductible
Service and maintenance
24/7 roadside assistance
Replacement car
Premium range tyres. On a mileage of 40.000 km thermal tires included
App for total vehicle management
Possibility of contract modification, adjusting duration and km, during the rental


Exclusive CarValet service: collection and return of the car to the customer, to and from the Campus Bio Medico

Labor at the rate of € 30,00 + VAT. • 20% discount on high-traffic spare parts such as filters, pads, discs, spark plugs, glow plugs, bulbs, wiper blades

10% discount on low turnover spare parts
20% discount on motor oil
20% discount on all fluids
Minimum 30% discount on first and second tier tyres
Free washing for interventions exceeding € 150,00

To request an intervention, just write an email to [email protected] and indicate the following data to be contacted: name and membership a UCBM, telephone, make and model of the car, license plate, current km, brief description of the intervention(s) to be performed on the car.

Pettinari Car Service

With Torre Sant'Anastasia, 81 - 00134 Rome

The services offered concern all the mechanics/mechatronics, warranty coupons for each manufacturer, vehicle overhaul as required by law, tire replacement, bodywork, LPG systems and tests, hydrogen systems, courtesy cars (for that exceed 3 working days), possibility of collection and delivery of the car. The spare parts used are original or first choice commercial alternatives.

Rates applied:

  • Labor at the hourly rate of €35,00 + VAT
  • 20% discount on high-traffic spare parts such as filters, brake pads, brake discs, spark plugs, glow plugs, light bulbs, wiper blades, etc.
  • 10% discount on low turnover spare parts
  • 20% discount on motor oil and all fluids
  • Minimum 20% discount on first and second tier tyres

To request an intervention, just write an email to [email protected], indicating the following data to be contacted: name, telephone, make and model of the car, license plate, current km, brief description of the intervention(s) to be performed on the car.
To take advantage of the agreement, it is necessary to show the membership badge. 

Officina Mazzarini

Via di Trigoria, 193 - 00128 Rome
Phone: 06.47544492

Discount applied:
4 mechanical bridges;
Laser computerized balancing and convergence;
Diagnosis KTS 500 - 650- AXONE - AXONE PAD - GUTMANN;
Assembly and maintenance of hands-free systems;
HI-FI stereo systems;
Satellite burglar alarms;
Maintenance of air conditioning systems;
Direct connections with parent company for FIAT, ALFA ROMEO, MERCEDES, BMW, AUDI, VOLKSWAGEN, OPEL, PEUGEOT cars:
- National "parent company" -5%
- Foreign "parent company" -5%

Branded spare parts equivalent to the originals according to the "Monti Law":
- National -35%
- Foreign -25%

Air conditioning recharge from € 40;
Auto Revision Center (up to 55q) with laser station € 60;
Multi-brand tires from -45%:
- Balancing included
Convergence €30;
Free summer/winter tire storage;
Complete quick wash € 10;
Collection and delivery of the vehicle at vs. free seat;
Roadside assistance within the GRA;
Hourly labor rate € 22 + VAT.

Tonik Cars 3.0

Via Pontina, 428/a - 00128 Rome
Phone: 06.5086757
Phone: 392.0733392

>> Car wash: from €28 discounted to €15
External car wash and internal vacuuming with subsequent disinfection of the internal surfaces with "COVID-19 Containment" certified products including the sanitization of the climate system and the ozonation of the car passenger compartment, i.e. the aid of a professional ozone generator operated at inside the hermetically sealed car for 15 minutes. Average processing time about 35 minutes.

>> Internal sanitation: from €98 discounted to €68
Washing of seats, doors, degreasing of the steering wheel, control rods, washing of carpets, degreasing of glass, dashboard, sanitizing of seat belts with certified products and the aid of steam at 180°. Maximum processing time: 120 minutes.

>> Sanitary vehicle washing: from €98 discounted to €35

Tonik Cars 3.0 uses sanitization products and techniques as required by DGPRE 005443 of 22/02/2020 of the Ministry of Health.

UP - Long/short term rental - Sailing

Via Ermete Zacconi, 5
Phone: 06.5070909

>> Discount applied for long-term rental of cars and commercial vehicles for periods between 24 and 60 months:

  • Elimination of brokerage costs (comparable to an average discount of 6%) on standard rates (excluding promotions);
  • elimination of the advance;
  • elimination of the deductible for fire and theft;
  • elimination of the deductible in the event of accidents with tort;
  • elimination of the deductible in the event of an accident without a counterparty;
  • elimination of the deductible for damages caused to one's own vehicle;
  • on distances starting from 40 km, thermal tires included in the fee;
  • tire puncture repair service included;
  • replacement car included with no labor hour deductible;
  • PAI (driver accident policy) from €100 without deductible and with RSM (reimbursement of medical expenses) up to €5;
  • GPS alarm system;
  • BlackBox with claims reports (upon request from the competent authority);
  • APP for the management of the contract and the ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of the vehicle;
  • fixed fee for the entire duration of the contract;
  • possibility of contract adjustment (km and duration) during construction.

> Estimates can be requested via the website by entering the convention code "UC1". 

The agreement will have a duration of 12 months from the date of signing and will be considered tacitly renewed unless canceled in writing by one of the parties at least three months before the natural or renewed expiry. 

>> Discount applied for short-term rental of cars and commercial vehicles for periods between 1 day and 12 months:

From 1 to 30 days 10% discount on the current rate and delivery/collection at UCBM;
for VAT number holders dedicated rate with second guide included and delivery/collection at UCBM;
for rentals from 30 days to 12 months, delivery/collection at the Unicampus office and up to 4 monthly car replacements.

> Estimates can be requested via the website by entering the convention code "UC1”. The agreement will last until 31/12/2021.

>> Sailing offer provided on Comet 41S (12,5 m) with FIV instructor:

Approach to the sailing boat; we will board a Comet 41S cabin cruiser in the waters in front of the port of Ostia. Before the release there will be a short briefinging held by a federal FIV instructor. 

The walk in the sea will be the right occasion to try if sailing is for us. Suitable for those who want to try the experience of sailing, for those who will try their hand at the boat license course and for those who already have a license and want to regain familiarity with the management of the boat with berthing and anchoring at anchor.

There are two shifts, from 9:00 am to 01:00 pm and from 01:30 pm to 05:30 pm. Minimum 4 participants.

- Participation fee €60,00 per person (two people €100,00)

Aperitif at sunset in the waters in front of the port of Ostia. From 18.00 to sunset. Minimum 4 participants.

- Participation fee €60,00 per person (two people €100,00)

Sailing course; theory and practice. This course is dedicated to those who want to enter the world of sailing and to those who already have sailing experience and want to deepen the basics of running a cabin cruiser. It resumes from the basics and deepens the topics of management and the optimal adjustments of the sails. The course is structured in 4 lessons that will take place over the weekend. Minimum 2 participants.

- Participation fee €320,00 per person (two people €600,00)

Advanced course; dedicated to those who already have good sailing experience and want constant growth over time. The course will deal with: the refinement of sail trimming at various speeds, the approach to regattas and offshore navigation. The course is structured in 4 theoretical/practical lessons.

- Participation fee €320,00 per person (two people €600,00)