Erboristeria La radice della vita

Dr. Cinzia Muciaccia
Via A. Giuffrè, 143 - 00128 Rome
Tel. (+39) 06.5060349
Fax (+39) 06.62204610
Discount applied:

  • 10% on food supplements, cosmetics and gifts with cash payment
  • 5% with debit/credit card payment

Opening time:

  • Monday-Friday 9-13/16-20
  • Wednesday open from 10am to 19pm
  • Saturday 9-13

Dealer of the following brands:
Erbamea, Società Del Karite', Erboristeria Magentina, Zuccari, Cosval, Locherber, Pegaso, Solonatura (Argan Oil), Esi, Lemuria, Phytopharmaceutical Medica, Dr. C. Cagnola, Tages-Seres-Vitanova, Maroma, Prodeco Pharma, Phoenix-Longlife, Cereria Lumen, Helan, Frais Monde, Ardes, Bioearth, Biokeratin Ach.

Nicotra Pharmacy

Viale Caduti for the Resistance, 117-119 - 00128 Rome
Tel. (+39) 06.50858383
Fax (+39) 06.5073407
Discount applied:  

  • 25% on medical devices
  • 15% on supplements, cosmetics, herbal and homeopathic products
  • 10% on nutraceuticals

Additional Notes:
To take advantage of the discounts, you must request the Loyalty Card. The above discounts cannot be combined with any other offers. The purchase of products allows you to accumulate points which can be used as a discount voucher for the purchase of other products or give the right to prizes to choose from the catalogue.

Nova Salus Pharmacy

Corso Trieste, 29 - 00198 Rome
Tel. (+39) 06.4402266/06.44241006
Discount applied: 10% on products

Trigoria Pharmacy and Luxury Pharma SPA

Via Giancarlo Vigorelli, 19 - 00128 Rome
Tel. (+39) 06.37896674
Discount applied:  

  • 10% on over the counter medicines
  • 10% on medical and electro-medical devices
  • 30% on simple dressing
  • 10% on dermocosmetic products
  • 25% on products from the Collagenil line
  • 10% on supplements and parapharmaceuticals
  • 10% on homeopathic products
  • 10% on baby products
  • 10% on products for celiacs and special foods
  • 10% on galenic products
  • 10% on veterinary products
  • 10% on all services of the Luxury Pharma SPA (beauty treatments and wellness programmes)

Discounts on NHS drugs are excluded, as required by current legislation.
Additional notes:
The pharmacy has an entire department reserved for mothers and children and one reserved for special foods.
To take advantage of the discounts you must request the loyalty card. The purchase of products allows you to accumulate points which can be used as a discount voucher for the purchase of other products or for choosing catalog prizes. Discounts cannot be combined with any other offers. 
Inside the pharmacy there is the Luxury Pharma SPA, equipped with beauty cabins, Turkish bath/hammam, emotional shower and mini-pool.

Vallerano Pharmacy

Via di Vallerano, 80 - 00128 Rome
Tel. (+39) 06.83796033
Discounts applied:
20% on products Rilastil, Vichy, La Roche Posay and branded cosmetic products Vallerano Pharmacy
10% on all other dermocosmetic lines.
10% on oral and personal hygiene, baby items (excluding artificial milks), electro-medical devices, dressings, orthopaedics.
10% on all products
Medical devices
10% on all products
10% on products Aboca e zucca