Cultural association - The voice of colors

L.go Christian Doppler, 1- 00134 Rome
Telephone: Mob. (+39) 388.9593699 – (+39) 339.3867448
>> Discount applied:
5% on the cost of the courses
Free membership card
Activities 2018/2019

Stationery - Vertecchi

Via Vitorchiamo, 26 - 00198 Rome
Telephone: 06.3322821 | Fax: 06.332282219
>> Discount applied:
10% on services and supplies
>> Points of sale:
Central area: via della Croce 70, v.lo del Lupo 10, via Belsiana 96/C
Flaminio-Parioli area: via Pietro da Cortona 18
Eur zone: via Alessio Baldovinetti 104
Additional Notes:
The agreement is valid in all Vertecchi stores in Rome, by showing the identification badge

Prestige real estate

Pinciano Headquarters
Via Po 37 - 00198 Rome
Telephone: 06.85305436 | Fax: 06.85304319
Prati Headquarters
Square Giuseppe Mazzini, 8 - 00195
Telephone: 06.32650056 | Fax. 06.8607969
>> Services offered
Real estate consultancy
Judicial auction consultancy
Legal advice
Fiscal and tax consultancy
Credit counseling
Design and construction
Transport and forwarding
Administrative management
>> Discount applied

  • Real estate sales commission: 2% of the sale price (standard rate: 3% of the sale price)
  • Property rental commission: 6% of the annual rent (ordinary rate: 10% of the annual rent)
  • Comparative estimate of real estate value: €250 (ordinary fee: 0,15% of market value, min. €500
  • Professional legal, tax and technical consultancy relating to a sales operation entrusted to us: free (ordinary fee: 2% of the sale price)
  • Professional legal, fiscal and technical advice relating to a leasing transaction entrusted to us: free (ordinary rate: 8% of the annual rent)
  • Technical-urban planning consultancy - Due Diligence: free (on request for a quote)
  • Commission for real estate auctions: 2% purchase price (regular fee: 5% of the purchase price)

Convention active until 30 June 2023

Equal Scholastic Institute "Cor Jesu"

The Institute has been offering an education and training service from early childhood to adolescence for over a century. The Institute, located in the San Giovanni and therefore easily accessible by any means, is structured according to the complete cycle of education:

  • Kindergarten and Section Spring
  • Pre-school
  • Primary School
  • First Grade Secondary School
  • Secondary School (Scientific High School)

The main objective of the School is to offer human, cultural and complete education and training which involves every area of ​​the human person and which accompanies the child, the child, the young person and the adolescent in all phases of growth, so that you become an adult capable of free and liberating choices that make him a collaborative, positive person, who knows how to face the various situations of life with a critical spirit and with serenity, capable of discerning in order to choose the good. Pupils are followed and guided in their growth with professionalism and above all with great educational passion.

>> Discounted rates for enrollment in the 2024/2025 school year

School orderRegistrationAnnual amountAnnual amount (in agreement)
Nursery: exit 11:30 am/01:00 pm€ 320€4.300/€5.500€4.100/€5.300
Nursery: exit 04:00 pm/06:00 pm€ 320 €6.100/€6.400€5.900/€6.200
Spring section: exit 16pm/00pm€ 320€4.500/€4.800€4.300/€4.600
Pre-school€ 250€ 2.100€ 1.900
Primary Secondary€ 250€ 2.300€ 2.100
Lower secondary school€ 250 € 2.500€ 2.300
Second grade secondary school€ 320€ 2.900€ 2.700
*The discounts are reserved for employees who will enroll their children at the private institute for the 2024/2025 school year

Bookshop - Viale Ippocrate

Viale Ippocrate, 99/99 in Rome
Phone: 06.39744910
Specializing in the sale of university textbooks, anatomical models, medical gowns, Littmann stethoscopes and other medical items.
>> Discount applied:
- 5% discount for students
- 15% discount at the library
- Free delivery for UCBM and throughout Rome within the GRA
- Delivery outside GRA 2€

Laundry - Bucateria

Via di Vallerano, 80/84 Rome
Telephone: 393.8240323 | 345.1309088
Referent: Letizia Proietti 
>> Discount applied:
Price list:
Download pdf

Laundry - Clelia dyeing

Via Castel di Leva, 356 - 00134 Rome
Telephone: (+39) 393.6355567
>> Discount applied:

Bookstore - Cosmobooks

Via Federico Alessandrini, 92 - 00128 Rome
Telephone/Fax (+39) 06.5060697
Mob. 340.3213576
>> Discounts applied to Students:
15% on most university textbooks
Additional discounts on some texts and/or for study groups
50% off used books
>> Discounts applied to Teachers and other Staff:
15% on all university textbooks and literary genres
5% on st and nd grade secondary school textbooks
With the loyalty card you are entitled to a 10% discount on the purchase of all literary genres
>> Discounts applied to services for Students, Teachers and Staff:
B/w photocopy: euro 0,04 (0,03 over 100 copies)
Color photocopy: €0,20
B/w printing: 0,05 euro (0,04 over 100 copies)
Color printing: euro 0,20
Thesis binding: starting from 15 euros (engraving on each material 8 lines on the cover)
Thesis burning on CD: euro 2
Scanning: 0,15 euro per page
Fax: euro 0,80 first page (0,50 subsequent pages)

Schools - CEFA

Junior International School
Via GB De Rossi, 48 - 00161 Rome
Telephone: (+39) 06.44239356
Petranova International Institute
Via Pavia, 23 - 00161 Rome
Telephone: (+39) 06.87440912/3 | Fax (+39) 06.44292551

>> Discount applied: (the percentage discount on the fee varies according to the number of children)
1 child - 10%
2 children - 15%
3 children - 20%
4 and 5 children - 25%
6 children - 35%
7 children - 40%

Star Print - Digital printing center

Via Federico Alessandrini 80/C - 00128 Rome
Phone: 06.35292487
Agreements intended for:
- Employees
- Students
- Enrolled in My Hospital
- Blood donors
- Alberto Sordi Foundation (with membership cards)
Price list for UCBM


SS Ortana km 14 - 01038 Soriano nel Cimino
Phone 07.61758311 - 348.4150134
Leading company in the production and distribution of outdoor design furniture and accessories. It provides a total look for any environment, setting it up in a functional and elegant way with materials designed to resist over time without losing the technical and qualitative characteristics that distinguish it.ingman the company. 
> Catalog 2023
>> Discount applied:
15% on all products in the catalog in force until 31.03.2024

Wall Street English

Call toll free: 800818080
>> Discount applied:
30% on the chosen Personal English courses
20% on English Fit Executive Premium courses
20% on Market Leader Executive by WSE business courses
Download the convention
valid at all WSE centers in Italy adhering to the initiative.

Wetacoo - storage and removals with one click

Wetacoo is an Italian company that offers on-demand removals and storage in just a few clicks for individuals and companies. Customers can request to have their items collected from wherever they like, secure storage if needed, and their items to be dropped off wherever they like. For direct removals it is necessary to follow the instructions provided by customer support, reachable by e-mail at [email protected] or by calling the number 06-94805552.
- New coupon worth €50 usable on all services with code CAMPUSBM50.
>> Brochure