Improve the hygiene and health conditions and the quality of life of twenty thousand inhabitants of the villages of Mvimwa, in Tanzania. It is the main objective of the international cooperation project started in Tanzania in 2017 fromUniversità Campus Bio-Medico di Roma, In collaboration with the Council for Research in Agriculture and the Analysis of Agricultural Economics (CREA), TheUniversity of Parma, the Association 'Rossi Golfini' Onlus and two African universities, the Strathmore University (Kenya) and the St. Joseph University (Tanzania). Also involved are political and health institutions such as the District of Nkasi and the Regional Hospital of Sumbawanga. In addition to the improvement of nutritional conditions started in 2017, the project includes the empowerment of the Mvimwa dispensary and the start-up of a medical workcamp in the village of Ntemba, 6 km from the Mvimwa monastery, the epicenter of inter-university cooperation work. Students UCBM and the University of Parma are working for the mobileclinic, in the pipeline with the participation of the Milan Polytechnic, to provide health and nutritional assistance in the 10 villages that revolve around the Mvimwa monastery and in the Nkasi district.

Participants: Food Science and Human Nutrition students, Medicine and Surgery students and postgraduates, doctors.


A project to support the rural population of the Valle del Canete promoted since 2012 by UCBMIn partnership with RUI Foundation and achievement Condoray Center. Since 2016, the project partner is also the Caritas of the Prelature of Yauos-Canete. The objective of the project is to support women in personal and social progress through programs to improve living conditions, such as prevention and screening activitiesing. In recent years the main activities have been: general medical visits, cardiology with ECG and electrocardiogram, gynecology with pap tests and surgery both at home and in the clinic. Nutritional counseling was also provided in schools and clinic waiting rooms. 

Participants: undergraduate, doctors and residents of the Campus Bio-Medico University of Rome.


Increase their expertise in tropical medicine and transfer their advanced diagnostic and therapeutic skills into the Saint Damien Surgical Medical Center in the city of Ambanja, Madagascar this is the objective of the workcamp, which allows students to be coached and trained on the job as anesthesiologists in the operating room.  

Participants: Medicine and Surgery and Nursing students fromUniversità Campus Bio-Medico di Roma.