Making video tutorials - competition for all students UCBM

Context and goal

In this period of health emergency during which it is not possible to leave for workcamps, the CUSV (Committee for university cooperation for development and volunteering) has identified some training courses dedicated to our partners in developing countries, to be carried out with direct student involvement UCBM.

The dual objective of the project is therefore:

  • Provide cooperation project partners with tools 15-minute video tutorials to support training-experiential needs specific contexts of reference
  • Bringing students closer to development cooperation issues through a theoretical-practical activity to make them participate – even remotely – of assistance and education activities for the benefit of developing populations

In particular, the training will be divided into two levels:

  • Basic training for first level needs
  • Specific training for local health professionals and partner hospitals

For the creation of video tutorials, the CUSV announces a competition open to students of all faculties of the University and to postgraduates, with the possibility of participating in teams.

What is required?

Participants in the competition are asked to create a video tutorial of maximum 15 minutes ingForest choosing a topic within the list of predefined themes based on the needs of local populations. >> Topics list


3 scholarships worth 500 Euros to the 3 best ideas submitted, to be used as a scholarship for travel expenses for cooperation missions organized by UCBM. Every singThe prize of €500 will be awarded to each of the three winning teams, who will divide it among the team members (they will also be able to use it in the next few years if they are unable to leave soon).
All participants will receive a certification for the activity carried out valid for a possible recognition in the Diploma Supplement.

The sum will be disbursed in a single tranche upon participation in one of the workcamps.

The three winning videos will become part of the Media library ofUniversità Campus Bio-Medico di Roma who will be able, also in the future, to use these videos for training and promotional activities.
They can join the Media library even those videos which, despite not having won the scholarship, will be considered by the Commission worthy of originality and content.


We can introduce ourselves alone or in a team, of a maximum of 5 people, and choose a reference tutor (PhD students, structured staff, etc.). Professional video equipment and performance is not required but the video and audio quality levels are considered in relation to the availability of tools such as smartphones and tablets and basic audio/video editing programs, supplied with widely used PCs and smartphones.

The application form and videos must be uploaded to the e-learn platforming when it comes to student services dashboard, CUSV section no later than 23 pm on 16 May 2021.

The CUSV Board will select the videos presented on the basis of the following criteria, for an overall score of 30/30:

  • Communicative effectiveness (5)
  • Image quality (5)
  • Audio Quality (5)
  • Innovation (5)
  • Adherence to needs (5)
  • Expository clarity (5) 

>> The results of the competition were announced on Monday 14 June 2021

The contest was won by: