Solidarity training

Voluntary activities involve students, professors and University employees in favor of fragile populations such as the sick, the elderly, the marginalized, immigrants, prisoners, victims of natural disasters, the poor.

The initiatives take place outside class hours for students and outside working hours for employees. They can be promoted directly from UCBM together with local businesses, active citizens, institutions and third parties who share goals and purposes. The University can also take part in voluntary initiatives promoted by other entities, always in line with the Charter of Purposes UCBM.

During 2018, the Chaplaincy carried out various voluntary activities in favor of the patients of the University Hospital, the children hosted by CasAmica and the poor of Trigoria.

University Hospital

This is a one hour shift per week commitment accompany the loneliest or most fragile patients during breakfast or dinner. Specific initiatives are also carried out on the occasion of Christmas, such as the distribution of gifts in the wards accompanied by Christmas carols or the collection of patients' phrases and intentions collected in a book donated to Pope Francis on the sidelines of the Audience.


It consists ofaccompanying children, especially patients at the Bambino Gesù Pediatric Hospital, who reside with their families at CasAmica, a reception facility for those who have to undergo treatment far from home. About 20 students commit for two hours a week. For Christmas 2018 they also created a collection of toys to set up the home's playroom, which will be an important service for sick children and a more suitable space for carrying out volunteer activities.

Sports volunteering

UCBM el 'ASD Real Eyes Sports, born from an idea of Davide Cassioli, blind since birth and multiple award-winning world and European water skiing champion, guest during the University's Sports and Culture Week held last May. The objective of the volunteering activities is to generate in young people with visual disabilities a sense of inclusion, sharing and belonging able to overcome physical, mental and cultural barriers. Through sport, children will be able to acquire body awareness, motor memory, equilibrium but also trust in oneself and in others in a context free of prejudice, where disability is not an obstacle to life experiences. > To request information write to [email protected]


Made in collaboration with Caritas of Trigoria, consists mainly of distribution of food and clothing to the poorest families in the area. It is usually carried out in monthly shifts of around two hours to which help is added during special moments such as food collections. In this context, a "Solidarity Day" was also held with a collection of clothes from the university's staff and students.