UCBM provides scholarship opportunities and financial aid to eligible students who require financial support

Tuition fees (18,000 euros per academic year for Medicine and Surgery) can be paid in 3 installments, one at the time of enrollment and the remaining two to be completed in the following months. Tuition fees for our Foundation Year are 6,000 euros per academic year, which can be paid in two installments.

Financial aid is provided by the University, the Lazio Region, and companies that have made an agreement with the Bio-Medical Campus of the University of Rome. Find more details below: 

  • Every academic year, scholarship opportunities (covering up to 50% of tuition fees), are awarded to our students according to both merit and income. 
  • Scholarship opportunities offered by UCBM can be valid for the following academic year; provided that specific merit criteria are met, (students need to acquire a minimum number of ECTS, as well as have a specific GPA as indicated in the Call for Admission). 
  • International applicants can submit their application in the annual Call for Admission offered by the Lazio Region, for further details check the following link: Call for Admission – Lazio Disco
  • Scholarships offered by the Lazio Region are not compatible with scholarships offered by UCBM. 
  • A discount of 20% of the third installment of the tuition fee is applied only for students coming from a large family, i.e. from a household with at least four siblings under 26 years old. 
  • The agreement between the Bio-Medical Campus of the University of Rome and Intesa Sanpaolo bank allows students to access “Per Merito”, a flexible and convenient student loan UCBM acts as a guarantor, check the following link for further details: Banca Intesa San Paolo - Student Loan 

>> Call for scholarships for students enrolled in the first year of Bachelor's and Master's Degree Courses of the Campus Bio-Medico University of Rome ay 2022/2023 

>> Call for Bootcamp Scholarships
(Bootcamp - IoT & AI for Sustainable Global Health and Wellbeinging 2023)

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