Erasmus+ study mobility (SMS)

Students enrolled in a higher education institution can carry out, starting from the first year of their studies, a period of study in a Program Country or in a Partner Country, participating in lessons and taking exams. Study mobility also allows for thesis research useful for obtaining the final qualification of the course attended.

The mobility must take place at higher education institutions holding ECHEs that have signed inter-institutional agreements with the higher education institutions they belong to, before the mobility begins.

Duration of the activity

From 2 to 12 months in any field of study; it may also include an internship included in the overall study period.

The availability of 12 months is to be understood per study cycle (I, II, III level).

Minimum documentation required

Before carrying out the mobility, departing students, the sending and receiving higher education institutions must sign a Learning Contract (Learning Agreement).
> The Learning Agreement

Who can participate

They can participate in the Erasmus SMS call students regularly enrolled at theUniversità Campus Bio-Medico di Roma (UCBM).

Publication of the announcement and departures

Every year, a single call is published for all Faculties UCBM. Generally, the tender remains open for at least 30 calendar days. Students have the opportunity to carry out the mobility starting from September until July of the following academic year.

The Erasmus contribution is compatible with any national scholarships and/or loans, but is incompatible with other community scholarships or other funding deriving from bilateral cultural agreements and international bodies.

Additional contributions are also provided for students with disadvantaged socio-economic conditions and community subsidies for disabled students. For information, consult the calls for participation.

How to apply

To view active tenders, click here.

Documents for the winners of the Erasmus Student Mobility for Study Call

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