Admission to Degree Courses

All degree courses can be accessed via entrance exams, which consist of a written test (multiple choice test) and a motivational, aptitude and general knowledge interview. Candidates who fall within the merit ranking of the written test are admitted to the oral test. The admission testsUniversità Campus Bio-Medico di Roma they generally take place on different dates from the state university tests.

The number of places for the first year of studies is determined on the basis of the national programming for the Degree Courses in Medicine and Surgery, Nursing and Medical Radiology Imaging and Radiotherapy Techniques. For Bachelor's and Master's Degree Courses in Food Sciences, IngIndustrial engineering, IngBiomedical engineering and IngChemical Engineering for Sustainable Development the available places are decided by the University itself.

PhD's Application for Admission

competition notices contain all the details on: requirements for enrollment in the tests, available places, procedures for enrolling in the tests, selection procedures, enrollment procedures.

For Degree Courses in Food Sciences and Human Nutrition and in IngIn Industrial Engineering, in addition to the entrance exam which ordinarily takes place in September, there is normally also a session for early admissions, which usually takes place in the month of May (however, only the dates indicated from time to time in the related Calls for Admission). Students who are in their last year of secondary school and those who have already obtained their secondary school diploma can participate in the entrance exams in the early sessions. Participation in the early sessions does not preclude, in the event of a negative result for the candidate, participation in the subsequent ordinary session.

Those already in possession of a degree that meets the requirements set out in the call for applications can take part in the admission exams to master's degree courses. The exam consists of a verification of the curricular requirements, a test and a motivational and aptitude interview. Before registering for the exam, we advise you to submit to the University Faculty Secretariats ([email protected] / [email protected]) your previous study plan, in order to verify its suitability for the curricular requirements.


If you are a student at another University and wish to transfer to one of our Bachelor's and Master's Degree coursesUniversità Campus Bio-Medico di Roma, you can request an evaluation of your previous career at [email protected] and consult the related competition notice for admission to years subsequent to the first.

Preparation for the admission tests

For a general review of the foundations of the subjects that make up the scientific part of the program (chemistry, biology, mathematics and physics) you can start from your secondary school textbooks. To perfect your preparation for the entrance exam, we recommend choosing a theory book specifically for this type of test. In recent years, various publishing houses have developed very valid volumes, which manage to capture the essence of the theoretical and practical preparation necessary to overcome them. The written tests of the entrance exams to the degree courses of our University consist of logic questions in greater numbers than the other questions relating to chemistry, biology, mathematics and physics. Reasoning ability, rather than notional knowledge, provides important information on the person and their ability to succeed in their studies and in their future professional life. During the oral exam the Commission is instead committed to understanding the motivations that spingThe candidate chooses a specific course of study at theUniversità Campus Bio-Medico di Roma, his personal interests and relational aptitudes. A piece of advice: be yourself. Everything else leads to no result. Finally, we would like to point out that when you register for the exam, by completing the online application, you will find a section dedicated to the autobiography. Write it carefully: it's your business card!

Taxes and contributions

Fees and contributions relating to Bachelor's and Master's degree courses are published every year on This Page.