Undergraduate, Master's and Post-graduate

The teaching activity ofUniversità Campus Bio-Medico di Roma, a legally recognized non-state university (DM 31 October 1991), is centered on the sciences that contribute to personal care and respect for the environment for sustainable development to protect health. A peculiar characteristic of the University is the close collaboration between the two Departmental Faculties, Medicine and Surgery and Ingengineering, in the increasingly broad sectors in which technology and health meet.

If you are achieving or have achieved the Second Level Secondary School Diploma, you can register for the admission competition for i Bachelor's Degree Courses (three-year duration) or for i Master's and single-cycle master's degree programs (6 years).

If you are a graduating student or you already have a degree you can register for the competition for admission to one of the Master's Degree Courses. The course of study previously taken by you must meet the requirements set out in the call for applications.

If you are interested in the Post-Graduate training offer, L 'Università Campus Bio-Medico di Roma offers Specialization CoursesPhDI and II level Masters,  CME courses (Continuing Medical Education), Specialization Courses and Advanced Training Courses

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