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An overview ofUniversità Campus Bio-Medico di Roma as a whole: from the mission to teaching, from the organization of the University to the research activity and all the summary information on the institution in general.

Mission and History
L'Università Campus Bio-Medico di Roma promotes integrated teaching, research and healthcare structures, pursuing the good of the person as the ultimate goal of its activities.

Admission to degree courses takes place through exams which include a written and an oral test. The teaching activity aims to guarantee a personal relationship between teacher and student in every learning phase.

UCBM Academy
The educational offer of UCBM Academy is divided into: Open program, ECM, Long life learning, Custom programs.

Doctorates and graduate schools
Research doctorates aim to provide doctoral students with an advanced scientific and technical culture and to equip them with the methodological tools necessary to acquire autonomy and rigor in scientific research.
Specialization schools UCBM there are 27 in the healthcare area with professional training courses in the main medical disciplines.

The University prefers research programs oriented towards the direct application of results in the clinical field or in the industrial sector. The research laboratories are concentrated in a dedicated structure, which is located next to the University Hospital.

University in numbers
Numbers on the faculties, degree courses, research units, sources of funding of the University.

UCBM and businesses
Since its foundation, the University has established a particular understanding with the business world: today the University collaborates with over 50 national, international and local businesses in the Rome and Lazio area.

Campus life 
The University aims at the integral growth of the person. For this reason, it promotes a wide spectrum of extracurricular activities, services and initiatives that also contribute to their human, social, artistic and cultural growth.

Third Mission
An essential part of the mission is the implementation of activities that allow the University to interact directly with society through a two-way comparison based on a profitable exchange of ideas.

It is a value intrinsic to the corporate mission, declined to develop a modern, resilient institution, capable of grasping innovations and integrating them into the functioning of its various realities.