THEUniversità Campus Bio-Medico di Roma is open to welcoming students with disabilities: students with disabilities recognized pursuant to art. 3 paragraph 1 of law 104 of 05/02/1992 or with one disabled persons equal to or greater than 66% can obtain exemption from the single university contribution.
The student must be regularly enrolled in a degree course. Once you have completed your registration, you are asked to send to the address [email protected] la medical documentation issued by a public or private structure accredited to National Health System. Subsequently, the Right to Study Office will send the form for the request for exemption from the single university contribution, which must be duly completed by the student and returned by the student to the office. A file will then be prepared by the Right to Study Office with the documents indicated above, which will be signed by the CEO/DG. Finally, the Right to Study Office will take care of returning the installment already paid to the student, once the tax exemption has been applied by the University.

L'Università Campus Bio-Medico di Roma provides the reception service for students diagnosed with Specific Learning Disabilities (DSA). The DSA student interested in requesting specific tools must present the following documentation to the Right to Study Office, via e-mail or in person:

  1.  the request for compensatory and/or dispensatory tools for DSA/disability through the this form
  2. the DSA certification, which must have the following characteristics:
    to. the diagnosis must be made by the National Health Service, by specialists or accredited structures;
    b. diagnoses dating back to developmental age (before the age of 18) can be considered valid, provided they do not exceed three years from the date of issue, considering that DSAs are conditions that tend to persist for the entire life span;
    c. must contain the nosographic codes and the explicit wording of the DSA in question.

Once the validity of the certification has been verified by the Rector's delegate for Inclusion, the Right to Study office will inform all teachers of the relevant degree course.

It is possible to request an appointment for an informational and in-depth interview (in person or electronically) with theOffice of the Right to Education and university life by writing to the e-mail address [email protected].

REASY platform - the new accessible, customizable and inclusive study support tool.

The new REASY study support tool for the creation of concept maps, summaries, speech synthesis and text editing tools is available free of charge for students with disabilities and for students with DSA of our University. 
Does understanding a text become difficult? Upload it to REASY and access numerous different types of customizations:

  • change the font, line spacing and size of the text;
  • color the letters to read them better;ù
  • understand a word with speech synthesis, dictionary, images and drawings created by you;
  • listen to the text, rather than reading it;
  • understand concepts with functions dedicated to keywords in the text and summaries;
  • learn better with a customizable concept map.

How to use REASY?

You must log in via the website or application (via the links above) and create an account with your institutional email ( and a password of your choice, so that the system immediately recognizes the domain and allows access to the instrument.
Log in with the same credentials used to register with Reasy (accounts are synchronized and personalization settings are maintained).

REASY is available on computers, tablets and smartphones:

Below are the specific links for the different supports:

To download the Reasy extension for the Chrome browser this is the link:

You log in with the same credentials used to register with Reasy (the accounts are synchronized and the personalization settings are maintained).

All the information and video tutorials to get the most out of the tool (app + webapp + Chrome extension) are present at this link which is constantly updated:

For any technical needs you can refer to this email: [email protected]