Call for Admission

DR 497/2023

Available places
Public notice of 30/08/2023

Medicine and Surgery - "MedTech": procedure completed

Medicine and Surgery: as of 30/08/2023 not available

Medicine and Surgery as of 20/10/2023: n. 8 places available, in order of ranking, for the candidates referred to inAttachment 1 of the DR 09/10/23, n. 605

The candidates in the first 8 positions of the ranking referred to in DR 09/10/23, n. 605 proceed with enrollment within 2 (two) working days from the publication of this notice (i.e. by Tuesday 24/10/2023) in the manner set out in the DR 12/07/2023, n. 497.
The aforementioned candidates already enrolled in the CdLM in Medicine and Surgery-MedTech, in order to request enrollment in the CdLM in Medicine and Surgery, must simply deliver or send to the Student Secretariat, within the aforementioned deadlines, a written request for enrollment in the CdLM in Medicine and Surgery.

The places can be increased until 20 December 2023 according to the provisions of DR 497/2023
Applications open
August 30th, 2023
Applications deadline
28th September 2023, at 01:00 pm pm

Rome, October 6 2023

List of candidates admitted to the written test
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RANKING OF MERIT FOR ADMISSION TO THE AY 2023/2024 - Check your position in the ranking using the code "ID DOMANDA" (numerical code that was provided to the candidate by the online test registration platform)
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Please note that for any information, only what is reported in the Competition Announcement (DR 497/2023).

Who can participate in the test?

Only candidates can participate in the test:

  • already graduated
  • Italian, European and equivalent citizens