Call for Admission is validRead the call for Admission
Rector's decree n. 29/2024
Available places8 (residual from previous session)
Notice of available places (MUR assignment for the 2024/2025 academic year)/
Application opening13 May 2024
Online registration deadline22 August 2024, 13.00 pm
Test of lingItalian ua (only for non-EU students residing abroad) /
WRITTEN TEST2 September 2024
Written test in presence in Rome
List of candidates admitted to the written test, location of the in-person written test in Rome and distribution of candidatesBy August 26, 2024
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MERIT RANKING6th September 2024
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Please note that for any information concerning the admission procedure, only the Call for Admission is valid.


From 9 September 2024 and no later than 13.00 pm CEST on 13 September 2024, the successful candidates proceed with registration by carrying out the actions indicated below and following the "registration instructions" which will be published by the date defined for the opening of registrations on this web page dedicated to the competition:

  1. create the student's credentials on the University computer system;
  2. with the credentials created, access the reserved area and pay the first installment of the single university contribution and the regional tax for the right to university study[1] (for a total of €2.140,00 as the first instalment)
  3. deliver or send to the Student Secretariat - no later than the registration deadlines indicated above – via fax to the number 06.225411939 or via PEC [email protected]:
  4. The amount of the regional tax for the Right to University Education may vary depending on resolutions of the Lazio Region. By 23 January 2025 payment must be made second instalment of the single university contribution, equal to €1.500,00; by the day 10 April 2025 payment must be made third installment of the single university contribution, equal to €1.500,00
  • the receipt certifying payment of the first installment of the single contribution and the regional tax for the Right to University Education;
  • the registration form duly completed in its entirety and signed;
  • the ofchiarasubstitute for obtaining the Higher Secondary Education Diploma with indication of the relevant mark, year and Institute that issued it, possibly accompanied bychiaration of value in the case of foreign qualifications;
  • renunciation of studies or authorization to transfer in case of enrollment at another University based on the specific legislation in force.

The winning candidate who does not carry out all the operations referred to in the previous letters a), b) and c) by 13.00 pm CEST on the day 13 September 2024 is automatically considered a renouncer and the remaining vacant positions are made available to suitable candidates according to the ranking order.

Those eligible are informed of the assignment of any remaining places by means of a public notice on the competition web page accessible from

If there are remaining places, the publication of the aforementioned notice by the University will normally take place on Tuesdays and Fridays (with the exception of public holidays in Italy). The notice contains the date from which, if places are available, candidates in the positions in the ranking indicated in the same notice can proceed to accept the place offered to them.

The suitable assignee of a remaining place has the possibility to enroll with the same methods described above in letters a), b), and c) starting from 12.00 (CET) on the day indicated in the public notice and no later than 12.00 (CET) of the following working day. An eligible person who does not comply with the aforementioned deadline and the methods set out in letters a), b), and c) is automatically considered to have renounced and will forfeit enrolment.

With reference to all phases of the enrollment procedure referred to in article 8 of the Competition Notice, the single contribution paid will not be refunded except in the following case:

>> candidates benefiting from scholarships made available byUniversità Campus Bio-Medico di Roma for the academic year 2024/2025, who took over following the resignation of the exempted candidates.